PUTYOURSELF.in is an online ticketing platform. We take the burden of the hectic administration work off event organizers' shoulders. We welcome good activities and good idea, please feel free to become an organizer and create your event here!

To ensure the quality of all activities, PUTYOURSELF.in reviews all events submitted, hence not every event submitted will be posted.

We recommend organizers to provide detailed information and good quality photos . Our team will email you the review result within two working days.

Events posted on PUTYOURSELF.in should be:
1. Original and unique;
2. Environmental friendly;
3. No sales activities are involved

Photo requirement:
1. It can fully represent the event;
2. It should have a width of at least 850px and the maximum file size is 2mb;
3. It should be clear, in focus, with right exposure and without any filters.

Photo is a key factor to reflect the quality of your event and to attract participants. We demand high photo quality, here are some examples for your reference:
- Kokedama Workshop
- Dreamcatcher Necklace Workshop
- Stools Workshop
- Tea Sampling x Western Calligraphy

Before you fill the form, please go to Terms & Conditions and read the terms carefully.
If you have any question, welcome to email us look@putyourself.in for enquiry.

Once you understand and agree all the details, it’s time to create your event!

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