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A Serial Weekend Yoga class with various theme by Cindy

2014-10-04 (Sat) - 2014-10-25 (Sat)
12:00 - 13:00

This event is completed.

Starting from October, every Saturday at 12-1pm Cindy will be with us at Easyoga Kwun Tong Studio to hold a serial yoga class in different theme! 

由10月開始每個星期六下午12-1pm Cindy將會於Easyoga觀塘YOGA STUDIO舉辦一系列不同的主題瑜伽課程, 透過這一系列課堂讓你更認識怎樣同自己的身 , 心溝通.

* Pay Method - Pay Offline: Suggested to pay by cash at class 建議於上課當日用現金支付


04/10 Ground your heart

In this session, it is concentrating at forward fold with vinyasa flow based. A full dynamic flow sequence and provide a serie to get into a deep forward fold poses with a better flexibility, stability & strength of the legs and pelvis. It is a class that brings a humble heart & honesty to the body with connecting to a focusing mind set. 

以Vinyasa的式子/動作為基調.  運用一系列完整的串連動作, 以及前摺式動作訓練身體的穩定性和靱度.  以心主導身體.


11/10 Why Twist? Let's Twist! (Twisting)

Let's focus on the twisting sequence to refresh the soft tissues around the spine & prevents the lower back pain through this session. Based on a vinyasa flow and give an awareness on the trunk muscles lead the spine move freely & increases the flexibility of the obliques and also the back muscles.

扭轉身體! 透過身體扭動訓練脊柱周邊的軟組織, 防止腰痛.
扭動也可以 帶來好身體.


18/10 Breath with the glory flow (Vinyasa flow with focusing on breathing)

In this session is emphasizing how to breath smoothly with each and in between of the yoga postures. Using the symmetrical, deep & rhythmic breathing to creates an inner focus energy that brings the body & mind into a mindfulness yoga practice. It helps to balance our energy and at the same time to retreat our mental energy during we are living in a busy city.

運用對稱, 深及有節奏的呼吸, 帶身體和心靈進入正念瑜伽練習.


25/10 Take a fly (Arms balancing)

Have a fun & challenging arms balance session to build up strength of the upper body, core and the coordination of the limbs. An energizing practice to develop up affirmation & confident on & off the mat. 

arm balancing既有趣和具有挑戰性的瑜珈, 能鍛鍊身體更柔軟及平衡,以及四肢的協調.


About Cindy:

A happy and love smiling freelance yoga instructor who graduated in Bachelor of Arts with majoring in classical ballet. She teaches yoga for 8 years but she always open the heart to practice different styles of yoga such as kids yoga, prenatal or postnatal yoga and fly yoga. Cindy's teaching style is based on vinyasa hatha yoga and she believes this is one of the exchanging energy flow and good sharing to others during the practice.

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