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亞洲藝術文獻庫 | 開放週末 02: 說書海 | 戶外放映 | 再現大笪地

2015-07-04 (Sat)
19:00 - 21:00

This event is completed.

昔日上環大笪地有理髮店、睇相鋪、金魚鋪、公仔糖、大茶樓、和第一代車仔麵;甚至有大家意想不到的 Art Deco 風格,用金屬做的「公共藝術」。曾德平和楊秀卓兩位前輩成長於上環,由他們對談當年自身的童年故事,同場加映上世紀六十年代粵語長片《玉女添丁》(導演:楚原,1968年),必定為參加者帶來難忘一夜。

語言: 廣東話

講者:曾德平 (藝術家及理工大學設計學院副教授)、楊秀卓 (藝術家及教育工作者、亞洲藝術文獻庫首位駐場教育工作者)


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《再現大笪地》為亞洲藝術文獻庫《開放週末》活動之一。《開放週末》活動包括電台廣播、手造書、限時店、電影放映會、演出、講座、導賞團、工作坊及展覽,帶領觀眾一天到晚,遊走於場內場外,由文獻庫的豐富館藏,到寶藏處處的上環社鄰,重新演繹浩如煙海的遺聞軼事。詳情請參考 www.aaa.org.hk/opensaturday

The Sheung Wan flea market was a hub for hairdressers, fortunetellers, gold fish sellers, carts selling sweets, dim sum, and the first generation cart noodle. ‘Art Deco’ also appeared in the form of public art made of metal. Following the outdoor Cantonese film  screening of The Pregnant Maiden (Dir / Scr: Chor Yuen, 1968), Kith Tsang and Ricky Yeung share their childhood stories on growing up in the district. 

Language: Cantonese

Special thanks to Fung Hing Keung (Honkaz).

Speakers: Kith Tsang, Artist & Associate Professor, School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Ricky Yeung, Artist and Educator

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Revival: Sheung Wan Flea Market forms part of AAA’s Open Saturday. Open Saturday is a day-long programme consists of a series of activities: a radio broadcast, bookmaking, pop-up storefront, film screening, and performances—accompanied by a talk, tours, workshops, and an exhibition. Spanning a full day and evening while traveling between indoor and outdoor locations, audiences can unlock secrets and re-imagine narratives by navigating through AAA's collection and sites within Sheung Wan. More details can be found at www.aaa.org.hk/opensaturday.

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