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極品廣告片2019 Art of Commercials 2019

2019-09-23 (Mon) - 2019-10-01 (Tue)

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Art of Commercials 2019

Presenter: Hong Kong Arts Centre
Special Thanks: ADFEST, The AICP Show, The Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies of Hong Kong, The Clio Awards, Festival Iberoamericano de la Publicidad, The Korean TVCF Advertising Awards

Commercials cross over. A world without borders.

Art of Commercials, one of the most popular signature moving image programmes of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, brings local and overseas award nominated and winning commercials to Hong Kong! Fascinating works from Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the Americas will land on our cinema. There are eye-popping ideas to blow your mind, impeccable sights and sounds to dazzle your senses, pitch-perfect wit and smart to make you brave!
Trends and markets transform out of one’s imagination in a flash every day. It is almost debilitating to make a decision when we are faced with the daily avalanche of information. How do advertising creatives break their way through to reach the audience? Three smart and slick advertisers from Sunny Idea, a refreshing independent entertainment and creative solutions company will share their bright ideas with us, and tell us how they merge advertising, entertainment and content effectively to stay sound and relevant. Let mesmerising moments inspire your dreams.


Tickets Packages

Art of Commercials All Event Pass# (One ticket for each of the Programmes 1 to 4 and the Talk): $265 (including service charge)
Art of Commercials Screening Pass# (One ticket for each of the Programmes 1 to 4): $220 (including service charge)

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#For audience members that have purchased the pass(es), you can pick up your purchase from the reception counter on 8/F of the Hong Kong Arts Centre during the office hours (Mon to Fri: 9:30am to 5:30pm). For those that would like to have your purchase delivered, a postage of registered local mail would need to be covered as an additional charge.

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Ticketing enquiry: look@putyourself.in (Office hour: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm)
Learn more: https://www.hkac.org.hk/calendar_detail/?u=xwrckGrY0O4
Programme Enquiries: (852) 2582 0200 / 2582 0203

Programme 1
Selection from the Kam Fan Awards Hong Kong and the Korean TVCF Advertising Awards 2018
Duration: 88 minutes
Screening times: 23/9 (Mon) 19:30 | 26/9 (Thu) 21:30 | 28/9 (Sat) 14:30

The advertisements of the Kam Fan Awards Hong Kong always resonate with genuine local sentiments. With global warming, our recent summers have been super hot, so we particularly need our family, lovers, friends, electrolyte and water. Think of a massage when you’re sprinting. Embrace your fortune even when you have a cold. Hong Kong’s diverse culture cares about its own happenings, but it also looks out to the world. South Korean commercials are star-studded. BTS leads a tour around Seoul. Gong Yoo buys furniture with you. Kakao Friends have already got under our skin, and we don’t wish to know how to quit them. If we want to raise a dog, we need to learn how to clean up their shit. We don’t need an Extreme Job to know how delicious Korean fried chickens could be!


Programme 2
Selection from The Clio Awards 2018
Duration: 90 minutes
Screening times: 24/9 (Tue) 19:30 | 25/9 (Wed) 21:45 | 27/9 (Fri) 19:30 | 29/9 (Sun) 14:30

Every year, the Clio Awards gathers advertising geniuses from around the world. Their winners show how reverse thinking opens up new paths to groundbreaking concepts. These creative ideas make old and new brands last like forever. The Clio Awards witnesses how creativity can persevere until it moves souls. What was the main theme of popular commercials in 2018? Some of the year’s biggest ads say it best: A humanoid said the internet was filled with messages of “HATE”, but many humans have created commercials of hope. They say: “Even when the colours of our skin and our genders look different from the outside, we won’t be defeated as long as we unite in solidarity.” “Taxpayers need to fight corruption.” “Let’s stay calm even when the Winter Olympics are exhilarating.” “Love, Harry. Love” Maybe this year’s theme is that commercials are still full of beauty?


Programme 3
Selection from ADFEST 2019
Duration: 105 minutes
Screening time:23/9 (Mon) 21:30 | 25/9 (Wed) 19:30 | 29/9 (Sun) 19:30 | 1/10 (Tue) 19:30

The theme of ADFEST this year is “TMRRW.TDAY”. Discover the latest trends and technologies, and shape tomorrow’s world today. ADFEST’s selection shows the most current phenomena in Asia. We always have problems, but we also have solutions. It’s hard for Japanese men when they need to be kawaii. A Thai friend gives you tips on how to make new friends. In the midst of the #MeToo movement, a film awards show tells that victims of sexual abuse are often the Best Actors in reality. Cosmetic, skincare and haircare products of Asian brands turn humans to gods. This year’s ADFEST continues to remind us of happiness with its Asian brand of humour.


Programme 4
Selection from Festival Iberoamericano de Publicidad (FIAP) 2018 and The AICP Show 2019
Duration: 83 minutes
Screening times: 24/9 (Tue) 21:30 | 26/9 (Thu) 19:30 | 27/9 (Fri) 21:30 | 29/9 (Sun) 16:30

The Festival Iberoamericano de Publicidad (FIAP) celebrates outstanding advertising works from Spanish and Portuguese influenced regions. We’re always lucky enough to have friends that love to give us spoilers, a Peruvian telecom company teaches us how to deal with this sort of great friends. While a Brazilian soda ad hits your taste buds, it also speaks up for the rights of the gay community. The AICP Show, The Art & Technique of the American Commercial, is more than just an awards show judging the best work of the year. It’s an ongoing archival project with cultural and artistic significance. Since the Show’s inception in 1992, the honoured work is preserved in The Museum of Modern Art’s Department of Film’s state of the art archives for future generations to study, and are available for use or exhibition by the museum’s curators. These years, journalists have been facing all kinds of threats and persecutions around the world, a newspaper in New York refuses to submit to this kind of terror – “The Truth Is Worth it”. When Ridley Scott tastes a brandy with you, each drop is an odyssey.


Talk: “I don’t even look at ads but I work in advertising so can advertisers still work in advertising?” – A Potluck Chat Without Potluck but a Great Chat
Date and time: 28/9 (Sat) 16:30

Adrian Li, Head of Account Management, Sunny Idea
Leung Chung, Head of Creative, Sunny Idea
Vincent Tse, Head of Creative, Sunny Idea
Conducted in Cantonese.

Three fabulous and creative advertising talents from Sunny Idea will chat about some really drastic trend in advertising: We’re not watching TV, not buying newspapers, not flipping magazines, not glancing at ads, or maybe we can’t even see the ads! So, can advertising even survive longer? Should ad pros jump ship? Or should they just stay on the ship to reach the shore?

Establish in 2015, Sunny Idea is an independent entertainment and creative solutions company. At Sunny Idea, they build their business around a unique ecosystem of three key pillars: Creative solutions, content production, and entertainment. By embracing originality and creativity, they strive to create the best possible experience in multiple dimensions to influence behaviours for brand building.


About the speakers

Adrian Li is no stranger to building businesses from scratch and embraces the startup spirit. Before joining Sunny Idea in 2017, Adrian worked in multinational agencies including Ogilvy and DDB. At DDB, together with the Asia VP, she set up the Unilever Lipton APAC hub which involved more than eight countries. She also led the transformation of the Tribal DDB and set up its first integrated team with its creative leads. As one of the founding members of mcgarrybown HK, the office grew from 3 to 20 staff members in less than two years.

Leung Chung is a multidisciplinary arts based creative director with an eye for innovation and pixel perfection. Prior to Sunny Idea, Leung worked in CTWCM, Publicis HK, DDB Group HK, Leo Burnett HK & Shanghai on brands including Kimberly-Clark, McDonald’s, Manulife, Volkswagen, Hongkong Land, SKODA China, Jack & Jones China, and MGM Grand Macau amongst others. 

Vincent Tse possesses 18 years of advertising experience as a copy-base creative talent. Prior to Sunny Idea, Vincent had worked in DDB Group HK, GREY HK, and Euro RSCG HK. His creative contribution can be found in advertising work of many leading brands, including McDonald’s, Manulife, AXA, DBS, Vita and Hongkong Land amongst others.

Terms and Conditions

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  • E-Ticket is not acceptable. Pass holders must present the pass card to attend the Programmes and/or Talk.
  • One person admitted per pass. Sold passes are not returnable nor exchangeable.
  • A lost pass will not be re-issued. A new pass can be purchased if it is still available.
  • If the Programme has already been marked to have been attended, s/he will not be allowed to attend the same Programme again.
  • If a screening is being postponed/cancelled, the customer would be informed of the rescheduled date and time, or be partly refunded.
  • Children under six are not allowed.
  • Pass holders shall comply with house regulations.
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