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《散後》 Apart (30 Nov, 19:30)

2020-11-30 (Mon)

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導演 Director:陳哲民 Chan Chit Man
香港 Hong Kong | 2019 | 97 分鐘 min | 彩色 Colour | DCP
粵語、英語、國語對白,中英文字幕 In Cantonese, English, Mandarin with Chinese and English subtitles

第二屆首部劇情電影計劃專業組冠軍 Champion, Second “First Feature Film Initiative – Professional Group”, Hong Kong

大阪亞洲電影節2020競賽單元 In Competition, Osaka Asian Film Festival 2020                       

革命是為了更好的愛情,愛情卻失陷於革命的起落無常, 就像日本民謠歌手森田童子〈我們的失敗〉傳唱多年,以為是情歌,卻勾起參加學運 的一代日本青年的失落青春。首部劇情片計劃得主、資深演員陳哲民執導筒,以青年 人的感情為引,串連雨傘運動及反修例運動;情感遇上政治,社運與愛情互為表裡, 四名大學生的青春流離浪蕩。耳語和抱擁、凝望或同行散步,佔領區的夜晚曾經碰見 你我他。紀實影像和虛構情事交錯上演,或者會令人回望幾年來的快樂與哀愁。以為 革命終將成功,聚或散不必計較,但最後彼此形同陌路,散落天南地北,才發現青春 必然有悔,回首總是惘然。柯煒林、吳海昕、馮海銳「恰同學少年」,演出真摯動 人。大時代下何去何從,五年前後社會劇變,人也同樣,唯有看成是修行一種,對錯就不必深究。

Revolution is for the sake of love, yet love has lost its way in the ups and downs of the revolution. For years, Japanese folk singer Doji Morita’s song Our Mistake was thought to be a love song. Yet it actually reminisces the lost youth of a generation who participated in the student movement. Veteran actor Chan Chit-Man’s directorial debut takes off as a love story of youth that connects the Umbrella Movement and the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement. As the personal meets the political, four university students must weather the storm in the midst of social turmoil. Whispers and embraces, gazes and walks, the happenstance between people in the occupied area are depicted in these fictional and non-fictional images. Perhaps it will cause you to look back at the highs and lows of the past few years when you thought revolution was going to succeed yet you ended up as strangers to each other. As people scattered, one realized that youthful regret is inevitable. The performances of young actors Will Or, Sofiee Ng and Yoyo Fung are sincere and moving. In these bewildering times, people and society have undergone dramatic changes. One can only see it as a form of training, and try not to dwell on being right or wrong.

30/11 (一 Mon)  7:30pm
*導演陳哲民將出席映後談(粵語主講)Director Chitman Chan will attend the post-screening Q&A (Conducted in Cantonese)

香港電影資料館電影院 Cinema, Hong Kong Film Archive
Address: 50 Lei King Road, Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong

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