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《女人就是女人》A Woman Is A Woman (23 Apr, 19:30)

2019-04-23 (Tue)

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《女人就是女人》A Woman Is A Woman

Hong Kong|2018|93min|In Cantonese with Chi & Eng subtitles

導演 Director:孫明希 Maisy Goosy Suen
監製 Producer:黃欣琴Mimi Wong

劇情大綱 Synopsis


"A Woman Is A Woman" features the story of two transwomen Sung Chi Yu and Chiu Ling Fung.  Sung Chi Yu hides her identity of transwoman after her surgery and recreate her new life with a family and also a step daughter.  Everything seems to be fine till her identity is accidentally discovered by her husband.  The discovery was a shock to the man who couldn't accept her past resulting in the collapse of the lovely family.  Chiu Ling Fung always knows she is different. As a little boy, she thinks and behaves like a girl but never dares to think much of it. Raised by a religious, conservative family, she is told to man-up and act like himself. At the age of 16, she starts to explore the notion of love and panics when she could only dream as a girl.

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