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夏日微旅程 – 賽車建「竹」- B班 Summer Microadventures – Bamboo Racecars – Class B

2016-08-13 (Sat) - 2016-08-20 (Sat)

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工作坊 (約2.5小時):8月13日 // PMQ S710
竹,彎而不折,折而不斷的獨特性格令它成為多才多藝的生活建築師,竹篾這門傳統民間手藝因而誕生。年青永續設計師團隊KaCaMa Design Lab將為孩子策劃一次傳承立新、刺激好玩的賽車之旅 —學習常見於燈籠的竹篾紮作技巧,卻顛覆慣常思維,紮出最受孩子歡迎的創意實驗玩具車!

外遊 (約2小時):8月20日 // 西營盤

旅程嚮導:活現香港 (Walk in HK) +KaCaMa Design Lab

• 活現香港:現代掌故人,提供各式各樣的地區或主題行街團,帶大家重新認識香港,聽城裡每個角落裡的地道故事。
• KaCaMa Design Lab:本地「永續設計」團隊,擅長利用廢料加工製作出能提升環保觸覺、傳遞文化工藝的設計。

工作坊:13/8 (六) 14:00 -16:30 (2.5小時)
外遊:20/8 (六) 11:00 -13:00 (2小時)

1名小孩(7至11歲) # +1名家長(2人合共費用) : HKD$880
額外1名小孩(7至11歲)費用# : +HKD$520


參閱報名及付款程式 / 條款和細則 / 缺席及轉班事宜 / 熱帶氣旋或暴雨警告安排,請按此

Workshop Length: About 2.5 hours
Date and Location: August 13 at PMQ S710
Bamboo is deceptively strong. It can be bent significantly before folding; even when folded, it stays as one piece. Its strength and versatility make bamboo the preferred tool of construction and crafts. Young product design team KaCaMa Design Lab will guide children & parents to use these magical plants to create their own working toy cars!

Trip Length: About 2 hours
Date and Location: August 20 at Sai Ying Pun
Let’s go to the steepest street in Hong Kong and test your toy car! Parents and children will take the streets of historic Sai Ying Pun, testing their newly hand-made toy cars down the hills. In the meanwhile, witness the myriad of ways bamboos are part of everyday Hong Kong life. You’ll see them on the side of buildings, in shops, and dim sum baskets!

Journey Guide: Walk in HK +KaCaMa Design Lab

• Walk in Hong Kong - Experience Hong Kong like never before with a walking tour that explores the city, its people, and heritage in up-close and personal ways. Every corner of Hong Kong has a story – it’s up to you to learn about it.

• KaCaMa Design Lab is a team of local product designers who specializes in reusing post-consumer waste materials to create handicrafts that resonate with local culture and raise awareness for eco-awareness.

Class B
Workshop:13/8 (Sat) 14:00 -16:30 (2.5hrs)
Excursion:20/8 (Sat 11:00 -13:00 (2hrs)

Fee: Bamboo Racecars
For 1Child (Child aged 7-11) # +1 Adult(Total fee for 2) : HKD$880
Additional Child (Child aged 7-11) # : +HKD$520

#Each adult/ parent can enroll/ travel with a maximum of 2 accompanying children.
If more than 1 adult from the same family enroll/travel together, you’ll need to pay for each additional adult with the fee of “additional child”

Summer Microadventures Open For Online Applications Starting Now.
Official Website:  http://www.pmq.org.hk/events/a-sensory-voyage-2016.
For the details about online application and online payment procedure / Terms & Conditions / Policy on Absence and Make-up Classes / Arrangements under Tropical Cyclone or Rainstorm Warning, please click here.

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