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Basic Gentle Yoga for Beginners wth Mary + Whole Food Workshop and Lunch with Sharon Chan 瑜珈+生機有營工作坊

2014-10-19 (Sun)
11:00 - 13:30

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Come join us at Easyoga Kwun Tong studio for a Sunday morning yoga and follow by a wholefood workshop & lunch, with Mary Jane & Sharon!

Have you been looking for a new workout & diet for a better, healthier you? Give Yoga a try!! This class is fit for absolute beginners or newly practitioners.

We will go through basic asanas (poses) and correct ailment fit for your body! We are all made differently, longer legs, shorter arms, tighter backs or weak muscles... etc. Whatever or However you may be, let's make a change starting today!

60 minutes basic gentle yoga class will be started with Mary Jane, Then follow by a whole food workshop & lunch with registered dietitian, Sharon Chan. Sharon will share a quick and easy way to cook balanced vegetarian meal with whole foods. For lunch, we will enjoy a fruit infused drink and coconut sweet potato quinoa with greens. To end on a sweet note, attendees will make raw vegan chia dessert. Come enjoy and learn what a true balance vegetarian meal really is!

透過基本瑜珈式子asans, Mary Jane 會教大家先調節好身體. 然後同營養師Sharon學習一下怎樣真正的食好D.  

* Pay Method - Pay Offline: Suggested to pay by cash at class 建議於上課當日用現金支付

About Mary Jane

Mary Jane is currently a Freelance Dance and Yoga Instructor. She got hooked on Bikram Yoga in Brooklyn N.Y 2004. She went on practicing many different styles of yoga through out the years. She got her 1st Teacher Certification with Absolute Yoga - Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Koh Samui 2012, and in 2013 she received a Vinyasa Teacher Certification with Barefoot Yoga Studio – hosted by Contemporary City Dance Center in Hong Kong.

About Sharon Chan, MS, RD

Holistic Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian (United States), food adventurous, and yoga practitioner. With over ten years of experience in the nutrition community, Sharon founded Forever Well Holistic Nutrition in 2012 and is a partner of Raw Strength and Fitness.

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