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HART|Beat ADVANCE 發掘、藝術管理與眼界

2021-04-16 (Fri) - 2021-04-30 (Fri)
19:30 - 21:30

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By creating and leading continuous discussions and explorations, HART has been striving to address the growing demand for professional training in the field of art administration and management. HART has developed a series of interactive courses since 2019, in order to cater for different needs of professionals in the arts and cultural sector.

Upon completion of the programme, HART|Beat Alumni will be subscribed to our extensive network, latest updates and resources, providing further support to engagement in the industry of arts. We are also happy to offer tailor-made courses for private classes - contact us for more details.

HART|Beat Advance aims to connect with those who intend to discover more about learning, humanity and cross-industry professional exchanges through in-depth exploration on the subject matter. Our community is composed of members with very diverse backgrounds and we aim to create experiences that maximise the potential of an open-minded exchange. This course welcomes those who attended previous HART|Beat sessions or those interested parties who may already be professionals in the field.

This course consists of three classes:

April 16 ADVANCE I - Discoveries on talents identification and grooming
April 23 ADVANCE II - Discoveries on art appreciation, critiques and taste-building
April 30 ADVANCE III - Discoveries on art education and interpretation

Besides classroom sharing, participating learners will get involved in frequent exchanges before and during the course period, throughout our discoveries, we will kick-start a mini-project in groups and to make fun reportings or presentations at the wrap up session.


學員完成課程後將加入我們的「校友網」,除了可以豐富人際網絡,還能獲得最新資訊及不同資源,以便更順利投身藝術行業。此外,我們也樂意提供度身訂造的私人課程 —— 歡迎聯絡我們查詢。

《HART|Beat 發掘、藝術管理與眼界》歡迎對藝術行政管理有興趣、並以此專題作切入點探索人生、學習與做專業跨界研究的人參加。歡迎曾參加過往 HART|Beat 活動的朋友繼續連繫,讓是次的發掘和互動更相得益彰。


4月16日 — 進階 I:潛能潛力及人才發掘
4月23日 — 進階 II:藝術欣賞、評論與建立品味的探索
4月30日 — 進階 III:藝術文化及創意產業裡的詮釋、教育和演繹


Time & Venue 時間及地點
7:30pm - 9:30pm

HART Haus*
3/F, Cheung Hing Ind. Bldg., 12P Smithfield Rd., Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

We also offer online learning experience of the same classes for those who opt to join the course through our digital platform on Zoom. Please contact us with the email atelier@thehart.com.hk in advance if you prefer online learning.

*To minimise the risk of COVID-19 spreading in the community, the number of participants of all programmes will be limited and regulated according to the latest social distancing policy from the Hong Kong Government. ⁣⁣⁣⁣Participants will be required to complete health declarations before all events, and keep proper social distance during all events.

同時,我們也為所有課堂提供網上學習選項。若你希望透過網上平台上課 (Zoom),請預先電郵至 atelier@thehart.com.hk


Course Participation Fee 收費
HKD 500 / Each class 每堂
HKD 200 / Each class for full-time students# 全日制學生#每堂
HKD 1,000 / 3 classes package 三堂優惠

#Eligible for full-time students studying at secondary schools, higher institutions, and university undergraduate programmes in Hong Kong

Medium of Instruction 語言
All classes will be conducted mainly in Cantonese. However, we will conduct the classes in English if there is one or more English-speakers participating.


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HART創立於2018年,是一個植根於香港發展的藝術始創單位,致力探索和催化藝術與社會的融合。 HART矢志營造一個富創意及積極參與的文化生態環境,提倡持續的啟發性交流。我們的工作室HART Haus為藝術家和創意人才提供機會,進行具實驗精神與前瞻性的藝術創作,建構合作平台及社群。 ... »