PUTYOURSELF.in ticketing 售票平台 - 7月微醺星期五品酒工作坊 July Workshop – Big & Bold

7月微醺星期五品酒工作坊 July Workshop – Big & Bold

2019-07-26 (Fri)
19:00 - 21:00

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【Big & Bold】
今次Monthly Beer Tasting Workshop將會同大家開心Share 我地HK Brewcraft珍藏嘅6款Big Bottles! 支支對於啤酒迷都好吸引~ 不過好多酒都會比較heavy,俾定心理準備俾大家先!

1. Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales - La Parcela
Beer Style : Sour Pumpkin Ale
ABV: 5.9%

2. Anchorage Brewing Company -
Anchorage Whiteout Witbier
Beer Style : Witbier
ABV: 6.5%

3. Knee Deep Brewing Co. - Citra Extra Pale Ale
Beer Style : American Pale Ale
ABV: 7.0%

4. Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales - Oro de Calabaza
Beer Style: Belgian String Golden Ale
ABV: 8%

5. De Struise Brouwers - Pannepot Reserva (2014)
Beer Style: Belgian Strong Dark Ale
ABV: 10%

6. Deschutes Brewery - Black Butte XXIX
Beer Style: Imperial Porter
ABV: 12%

地點:中環閣麟街15號國麟大廈4樓 HK Brewcraft
費用 : $200/位

【Big & Bold】
We would like to share our 6 favourite big bottles this time This beer list is attractive for beer lovers! The ABV of each bottle is quite high, be careful!

Date: July 26th (Friday)
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Venue: HK Brewcraft, 4/F 15 Cochrane Street Central
Fee: $200/p

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HK Brewcraft

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