PUTYOURSELF.in ticketing 售票平台 - 黑貓明信片座 免燒陶 土雕塑工作坊 Art-shop Black Cat Postcard Stand Making Workshop

黑貓明信片座 免燒陶 土雕塑工作坊 Art-shop Black Cat Postcard Stand Making Workshop

2019-03-30 (Sat)
16:30 - 19:00

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Hong Kong Arts Centre Open House 2019 — Art X Encounter

Art opens dialogue and life encounters with beauty. Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC) Open House 2019 and “Late Night Series – Art X” together introduce you diverse artistic experiences from day to night. In daytime, various exhibitions, installations and experience activities bring you to stories of different communities. When it comes to the night time, you will be led by movie screening, music show, chats and go into the hidden side of human nature, so to re-examine the intimacy and your inner self.

Art-shop Black Cat Postcard Stand Making Workshop

I love cats, especilly black cats with stories to tell. Do you like cat as I do?

This workshop will guide you through the process of turing clay into a lively cat model. Be creative to make any type of cats , from black cat to Persian cat, it is all up to you. By the end of the workshop,decorate your little cat with a wooden stand and powdered grass. By that time, an unique and precious gift will be made. You can get an extra gift box and black cat postcard alongside with your finished work.

Participants can purchase a signed Pearl cat cat artbook at Hong Kong Arts Centre Artshop (HKD 90), and be given a Miss Cat Cat postcard and pin for free.

Date & Time: 30/03/2019 (Sat) ; 16:30-19:00
Venue: G/F Lobby, Hong Kong Arts Centre

Capacity: 15 people
Price: HKD480 per person
Conducted in Cantonese

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香港藝術中心是一所多元藝術創意中心,多年來積極將創新前瞻的當代藝術引進香港,同時亦努力將本土藝術家介紹給海外觀眾。中心更是本地唯一獨立自主的非牟利多元藝術機構,一直致力鼓勵、推廣創意, 竭力促進本地與國際的藝術交流;透過舉辦不同形式的藝術活動及跨界合作,把香港和世界聯繫起來。歡迎來到香港藝術中心,透過體驗藝術豐富生活,藉著欣賞藝術啟發創意。 The Hong Kong Arts Centre i ... »