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Book B presents: Café CUP by Science of the Secondary

2019-05-24 (Fri) - 2019-06-16 (Sun)
12:00 - 19:00

“… but what does it mean to drink? Do we drink with our skin when the hands are hugging the cup? Are we drinking with our body posture while sipping earl grey in a tearoom? Are the ears drinking as we take each sip of coffee? Does the nose know that it is drinking as it hovers above the caramelised milk froth sitting atop a very large cup of coffee…?”

Book B is delighted to invite Science of the Secondary to Hong Kong for the first time, presenting two installation experiences, ‘Café CUP’ and ‘What’s Your Way’, and a Publisher Talk.

Café CUP is drinking laboratory that invites visitors to be curious about the sensations of drinking from a cup. Participants are free to choose and drink from a collection of 17 cup prototypes, developed in consideration of the findings made through Atelier HOKO’s research publication ‘Science of the Secondary: Cup’. Facilitating various drinking gestures, this installation experience is an attempt to uncover the source of enjoying a beverage beyond the sense of taste.

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Date & Time
24.05.19 – 16.06.19 | 12pm – 7pm

Book B, The Mills

7 sessions per day, 30 minutes per session

4 participants per session

$85 per participant (includes tea/coffee & a special edition booklet)

Please note

  1. Due to the delicate nature of the cups, children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  2. Please arrive 10 minutes before your session to ensure you can enjoy the full experience.
  3. Selection of cups is made on a first come first serve basis.
  4. Participants can choose from hot tea or hot black coffee. No sugar, milk, honey, chocolate, ice or other condiments will be provided due to the delicate nature of the cups.

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Publisher Talk by Science of the Secondary
What are the processes and inquiries behind this publication?

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About Science of the Secondary

Science of the Secondary is an inquisitive approach towards uncovering implicit conditions that exist in our experience of the everyday. When speaking of the term ‘secondary’, publishers Atelier HOKO are referring to conditions and sensations that human beings are not conscious of in their day-to-day interaction with things and the immediate surroundings. Accumulating this rich and boundless field of knowledge, the research hopes to draw upon a renewed sensibility towards living, with much excitement and freshness.

About Science of the Secondary: Cup

The second edition in the series of the ongoing independent research programme conceived and developed by Atelier HOKO, ‘Science of the Secondary: Cup’ analyses the act of drinking from a cup through photos, diagrams and texts in exceeding details.

About Atelier HOKO

Atelier HOKO (2002) is an independent research lab that focuses on the study of the growing disengagement between people, things and space. The atelier hopes to cultivate in people, an open-ness and ability to un-know, bringing about a heightened curiosity towards all phenomena by taking a fresh look at reality.

Book B

Book B位於南豐紗廠,是結合書店、廚房、工作坊及展覽場地於一身的多元文化空間。由美學教育出發,搜羅來自香港、台灣、日本和其他亞洲地區的小眾和獨立出版,主要挑選文學、近代歷史、繪本、設計的書本,讓讀者從感知和思考的過程中體會文化和生活。同時Book B策劃及推動不同文化藝術的工作坊、活動和展覽,讓大家體驗以致發掘生活中更多的可能性。 Book B is a cultural habitat w ... »