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大觀圓 Circular Reflection (10 Dec)

2017-12-10 (Sun)

This event is completed.

Participatory installation & Experiential Performance

Salisbury Garden, Tsim Sha Tsui


洪強 Hung Keung (圓想裝置 circular driven installation)
張藝生 Alex Cheung (感官歷驗 sense unfolding performances)

裝置伙伴創作及技術統籌 creative partner & technical management on installation:
yU+co. [lab}

演出創作伙伴 performance in collaboration with:
俞若玫 Cally Yu / 黃狄文 Dominic Wong / 梁桌堃 Edmund Leung




Hustle and bustle exists not only in the mundane city,
but also in our state of mind.

We often look without truly seeing, and hear without truly listening,
our senses are isolated from the external world as well as to oneself.

Circular Reflection is a short and temporary realm, a moment when time and space is frozen,
let us meet with our own self and our surroundings again,
only when we try to feel will we realise our sense is so limitless, so far-reaching, so deep in ourselves.





About the participatory installation

The three groups of ‘circular’ installation set off to minutely examine oneself, observe the surroundings, and take in the illusionary imageries, discovering different levels of ‘observation’ as well as imaginations and experiences it may induce.

In one of the artwork – “The Dual Perspective”, it employs the virtual viewing experience.

“The Dual Perspective” does not aim at leading audience to a total illusory space. On the contrary, in the midst of real and unreal connection and intertwinement, we let audience see the unreality from the seemingly familiar landscape. When we are back to the present, with our eyes resting on the real landscape, would we somehow find it illusionary?

Registration details for “The Dual Perspective”

作品開放日期 Opening dates of installation:
09/12/2017-11/02/2018 (逢星期六、日 Every Sat & Sun)
作品開放時段 Opening hours of installation:
12pm至7pm (每節體驗時間約為10分鐘 about 10 minutes for each session)


第一階段登記 First round registration:01/12/2017 – 14/01/2018
可供登記之日期 Dates open for registration:
09/12/2017 – 14/01/2018

第二階段登記 Second round registration:01/01/2018 – 11/02/2018
可供登記之日期 Dates open for registration:
20/01/2017 – 11/02/2018


• 每位參加者最多可預留兩個位置 (不論是否同一時段)。若預留多於兩個位置,將以較早的時段為準,較後預留的時段將會被取消。
• 如需更改預約時段,請先以電郵通知策劃單位 (orleanlaiproject@gmail.com) 取消已登記之預約,方可重新登記。
• 請於預約時段5分鐘前到達展場,待工作人員確認你的QR碼 (可列印或在手提裝置顯示) 。
• 一人一票,所有參加者需持有效QR碼參觀作品。
• 參加者若未能依時到達,預約位置將會被取消。
• 作品只供十二歲或以上人士參與。
• 如遇風球或惡劣天氣,作品將暫停開放。主辦者/策劃單位將不會為已預約人士提供候補時段,受影響人士可於網上平台重新預約。
• 有關惡劣天氣情況下,作品是否開放等安排詳情,請於當日留意官方網站發佈。
• 參加者必須遵守場地及主辦者/策劃單位的運作規則,以參與觀賞作品。
• 主辦者/策劃單位有權更改作品開放的安排細則,不予個別通知。

Notes on Registration

• Each participant can register for a maximum of two places (whether in same or different timeslots). If more than two places reserved under the same participant, the former slot will be counted, while the latter one will be cancelled.
• If you wish to change your reservation, please inform the organiser by email (orleanlaiproject@gmail.com) for cancellation before making a new reservation
• Arrive at the exhibition area 5 minutes before your reserved timeslot starts, and present at the entry the QR code to check in. (You may print it out or show it via your mobile device.)
• Reservation will be cancelled once you are late.
• One person per ticket, all participants have to hold valid QR code for the experience.
• For those aged 12 or above only.
• The artwork will stop operation when typhoon is in force or due to adverse weather conditions. All the reserved slots will be cancelled during that period of time. Presenter/organiser will NOT provide substitute slots for those people reserved at the period of adverse weather. The affected participants can make new reservation at the online platform again upon availability.
• In case of adverse weather, please refer to the official website for updated arrangement.
• Audience must comply with the rules and regulations of the venue, and the presenter/organiser.
• Presenter/organiser reserves the right to change the operation details without prior and separate notification.

More information on “Circular Reflection” - participatory installation and experiential performance:

策劃 curated by:

主辦 Presented by:
康樂及文化事務署 Leisure and Cultural Services Department


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