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「菓」然發電立體創作網上工作坊 Creative Circuits Architectural Model Online Workshop

2020-12-05 (Sat)
17:30 - 19:30
地點 Zoom

This event is completed.


This fun-filled parent-child co-design online workshop connects art, design, architecture and science. Learn to make a structure glow with no light switch, battery, or connection to electric system. Build a 3-dimensional model with simple circuits that will light up with electricity generated by things from nature or around the home.

Experience problem-solving through design thinking and develop closer connection in parent-child relationship. Parents can gain deeper understanding of their children through observing them in a creative process.

費用:每組HK $140 (每組最多1名成人和1名兒童)
適合年齡:5-12歲兒童 (需由家長或監護人陪同)
- 電話/電腦,必需注冊並安裝ZOOM軟件
- 2-3個檸檬
- 2把剪刀
- 4個5毫子

Fee: HK$140 (maximum 1 adult and 1 child per group)
Suitable for Ages: Child aged 5 - 12 (Parent / Guardian is required to accompany the child during the workshop) 
Language: Cantonese
Materials delivery fee exclusive
Participant is required to prepare the following items before the workshop:
- Smartphone or Computer (with ZOOM software and registered account)
- 2-3 lemons
- Scissors*2
- 50 cents*4

合作單位 Supported by:

奇極創作室 CreativeKids

奇極創作室自1991 年成立以來,透過綜合的藝術、設計與建築課程,提倡孩子和青少年的創意發展、凝聚家庭與連繫社會。

Since 1991, CreativeKids has been committed to advocating creative art,design and architecture education in children and teens. The creative spirit ignited within them ripples out to families, schools, communities and beyond Hong Kong like concentric circles.
We engage them out to explore endless creative possibilities, delving into their imagination and reflecting on the world around them.

注意事項 Remarks

  • 煩請參加者登入Zoom工作坊時使用與購票時相同的名字以茲識別.
    For easy identification, kindly please set the participants’ name of the Zoom workshop as same as the name used for registration in this platform.
  • 主辦單位會於工作坊開始前約一天透過電郵發送Zoom的鏈結及密碼予參加者,請參加者提供正確而有效的電郵地址.
    The organizer will send the Zoom meeting link and password to all participants around one day before the workshop via email. Please make sure the email address is valid.


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