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“動感城市”創意紙藝燈罩網上工作坊 “Bright Bright Cities” Creative Lantern Online Workshop

2020-12-06 (Sun)
14:00 - 16:00
地點 Zoom

This event is completed.

孩子們會發揮他們的創作靈感, 繪畫技術, 及運用環保物料,例如厚卡紙, 舊雜誌, 布料等拼出不同形狀大小的建築物。
它們會用作LED燈罩, 繼而揍拼出來變成一個一個大大小小, 閃閃發光的城市。從此工作坊,孩子們可加深愛護城市,
保護環境等意識。因此,,透過這個工作坊, 孩子們的創意思維, 觀察力,繪畫技術及環保意識等會得以培養及發展。
在完成整個工作坊後, 一個個不同大小, 閃閃發光的燈罩會形成一個個大大小小色彩繽紛的城市。

In this workshop, kids will learn how to create, to draw, and to low-cost / used materials like plastic cups to produce fun, colorful architectures as led light lanterns. By displaying them together to form different city scenes, kids will also learn to love and appreciate beautiful cities in the world. Their imagination, creativity, observation, drawing skills, and the concept of using low cost/ recycling used materials will be taught and trained during this workshop. Their appreciation and love to the city will also be developed here.
By the end of the workshop, bright, creative, beautiful city scenes created by kids will be shown and can be exhibited.

費用:HK $200(每位)
適合年齡:6-12歲兒童 (需由家長或監護人陪同)
- 訂書機
- UHU膠水筆
- 剪刀
- 顏色marker

Fee: HK$200 (per person)
Suitable for Ages: Child aged 6 - 12 (Parent / Guardian is required to accompany the child during the workshop) 
Language: Cantonese
Materials delivery fee inclusive
Participant is required to prepare the following items before the workshop:
- Smartphone or Computer (with ZOOM software and registered account)
- 1-Hole Hole Punch
- Stapler
- UHU Glue Pen
- Scissors
- Color Markers

合作單位 Supported by:

⼤賞⼯作室 Isatisse Studio

ISATISSE是ISABEL TONG建⽴的插畫品牌。 ISABEL 希望能在她的插圖和產品中展⽰<及時⾏樂> 的信念。 ⽽ISATISSE是ISABEL TONG建立的插畫品牌。 ISABEL 希望能在她的插圖和產品中展示<及時行樂> 的信念。 而ISATISSE的產品大多是圍繞著此信息,因為她相信,人們應該從緊張煩囂的生活裡找出樂趣與快樂。 ISATISSE的插圖主角眼袋女孩懂得如何在忙碌的城市生活中享受人生。 該品牌的各種產品,包括時裝,文具及生活小物等,大家可在香港中環PMQ, 及不同的展覽場地——包括首爾插畫節、台北插畫藝術節等找到。ISABEL希望人們接觸這些產品後能感覺美好,會心微笑。 除了產品設計外,ISATISSE亦有和不同的機構及品牌合作。曾參與合作的單位包括:Today at Apple, 誠品香港,Sanrio HK,領展及青年廣場Y-LOFT等。

Isabel 在2018年成立了公司Isatisse Studio, 目的是希望能透過插畫藝術, 帶給大家快樂的訊息。所以,除了產品設計外, 工作室亦有和不同的機構及品牌合作。曾參與合作的包括: Today at Apple, 誠品香港, APLF皮革展2019,Sanrio聯乘活動, 及青年廣場y-loft的主題房間創作等。而Isatisse Studio更曾在Today at Apple, 誠品香港, 及CreateHK 的Creative Go CSI workshop舉辦過工作坊。都以繪畫創作等應用在不同的媒體或物件上,給物件本身一個新的生命, 使平常舊有的事物能煥然一新。

Isatisse is a fashion and illustration brand founded by Isabel Tong with the brand’s vision“Happiness is right here, right now, anytime you want it.” and mission “Embrace the beauty and joy amidst our stressful life.” The brand offers a wide variety of products, namely, clothing, fashion accessories, stationary, soft furnishings, and art pieces. They are available for sale at PMQ and different pop-up events and international trade shows such as the Seoul Illustration Fair, Taiwan Creative Expo, and Tokyo Design Festa.
Besides regular products and fashion collections, the brand has also participated in various projects and has collaborated with different artists/creative units, including Today at Apple, ESLITE HK, APLF Leather and Material Fair, and Sanrio Hong Kong.
Isabel has established Isatisse Studio and has organized various workshops collaborated with different parties, including HKDA NO KIDDING Creative Paper Lantern Workshop, Today at APPLE Caricature Art Lab, Eslite HK Creative Tote Bag DIY Workshop, and Creative GO CSI workshop for DIY Creative Sneakers.

注意事項 Remarks

  • 煩請參加者登入Zoom工作坊時使用與購票時相同的名字以茲識別.
    For easy identification, kindly please set the participants’ name of the Zoom workshop as same as the name used for registration in this platform.
  • 主辦單位會於工作坊開始前約一天透過電郵發送Zoom的鏈結及密碼予參加者,請參加者提供正確而有效的電郵地址. 
    The organizer will send the Zoom meeting link and password to all participants around one day before the workshop via email. Please make sure the email address is valid.


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