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溝電影節 2016 Cult Film Festival (Hong Kong) 2016

2016-10-28 (Fri) - 2016-11-20 (Sun)
地點 UA iSQUARE / UA Cine Moko / 香港科學館 HK Science Museum
詳細地址請參閱活動介紹 For full addresses, please refer to description

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由電影文化中心(香港)策劃、UA CineHub 合辦 ── 一個顛覆「溝」想像的電影節!2016年10月28日起,「溝」電影節將會放映八部拒絕平凡的Cult經典,它們至今看來依然新鮮、好玩、處處有教人驚喜的創意。銀幕上有被現實踐踏的寂寞幽靈;有死不瞑目的活死人圍堵民居進行大屠殺;有以為大難不死卻已徹底腐爛的意外倖存者;也有青春肉體在華麗的舞台忘我抱擁;更有超越年齡阻隔的動人忘年戀,和一直為正義與個性奮戰到底的真正勇士。


Curated by the Film Culture Centre (Hong Kong) and co-presented by the UA CineHub, the Cult Film Festival (Hong Kong) 2016 is dedicated to the discovery and re-imagination of ‘CULT’! Starting from 28th Oct, 2016, the Cult Film Festival (Hong Kong) will showcase 8 films celebrating the unique voices from every genre in the film world. It will be a venture into the uncompromising creative minds in filmmaking.

On the screens, you will see a lonely ghost crushed by the ruthless reality, a group of living dead risen from their graves to massacre the innocence;, an accident survivor who is actually hollow inside;, a disfigured phantom cries for his love with his songs; purity destroyed, yet true love transcends, and a heroic fight is put through for justice and personality. All delightfully gathered in our Cult Film Festival where stereotypes and boredom clash with bold imagination, and gloominess dissolved in the heat of summer when you indulge yourself in the world of cult classics we created just for you.

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場次座位及門票安排 Seating and Retrieve:

  1. UA Cinema之場次座位 Seating of UA Cinema:
    UA iSQUARE | 一號院 House 1
    Limited seats of Row E & F are reserved for the online booking on a first-come-first-served basis.
    UA Cine Moko | 二號院 House 2
    將定於H及I行,由電影文化中心(香港)根據購票次序劃位 ; 門票有限,先到先得。
    Limited seats of Row H & I are reserved for the online booking on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. 香港科學館演講廳之場次座位 Seating of HK Science Museum Lecture Hall:
    Free seating. First-come-first-served basis.
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    You will receive a confirmation email from PUTYOURSELF.IN after purchasing ticket online. Please come to the front desk of FCC at the screening venue 20 minutes before the screening starts, and exchange the corresponding ticket by showing the email with attached QR code to the FCC counter staff.

地址 Address:

尖沙咀彌敦道63號國際廣場7樓 7/F, iSQUARE, 63 Nathan Road, Tsimshatsui

UA Cine Moko
九龍旺角太子道西193號新世紀廣場L4樓層 L4, MOKO, 193 Prince Edward Road West, Mongkok, Kowloon

香港科學館 HK Science Museum
香港九龍尖沙咀東部科學館道二號 2 Science Museum Road, Tsimshatsui East

電影文化中心(香港)Film Culture Centre (HK)

推廣電影文化|帶動創作氛圍|營造交流空間 電影文化中心(香港)是一個非牟利的藝術團體,始創於1999年。電影文化中心(香港)傳承了「香港電影文化中心」的精神,從舊有的系統中蛻變出來,繼續成為香港電影、視像及文化的播種者。 自創辦以來,電影文化中心(香港)深入文化藝術界、電影界、學界,以至社區,透過舉辦各類型的工作坊、研討會、放映會及導賞活動,將電影文化向大眾推廣,務求提高更多人士對電影文化的興 ... »