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切割.共時──楊東龍繪畫展 Cuts in Synchronicity: Paintings by Yeung Tong Lung

2019-03-01 (Fri) - 2019-03-31 (Sun)

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ACO Art Space presents Yeung Tong Lung’s paintings and sketches made in the past year of 2018. These seemingly realistic paintings show the illusory landscapes assembled through the artist’s re-comprehension, imagination and dissection. . Themes of Yeung’s paintings include everyday street scenes, old buildings and homes, transportation, ordinary people, back alleys, parks or plants commonly seen in Hong Kong. He plays with perspectives to construct a delusional 3-Dimensional space, providing multiple viewpoints and subtle hints on sightline movements to guide the audience in and out of his painting scenarios. Yeung’s protagonists are out of realistic proportions at times, yet their gazes are almost interacting with the viewers’. Relatively large, with an average size of 2m x 1.5m, some in groups of 2 or more, Yeung’s paintings create an awe-inspiring experience for their viewers in the midst of his magic realism.

Yeung Tong Lung has been painting for 40 years and more. He has a unique aesthetic and constantly challenges the boundary and essence of medium by experimenting different painting approaches. Apart from the work itself, Yeung’s creation process is also worth studying in depth. He spends long hours sketching, creating various sketches for revisions, displacements and collages. This process helps him understand the relationship between space, time and people, as well as our living condition at the present moment.

Cuts in Synchronicity: Paintings by Yeung Tong Lung
Exhibition Period: 1-31/3/2019
Opening Hours: 1-8 pm (Tue-Sun)
Venue: ACO Art Space, 6/F Foo Tak Building, 365 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Event (I) Opening Talk
Date: 2/3/2019
Time: 3-5 pm
Guest speakers: Francis Yu (Artist & Associate Professor, Academy of Visual Arts)
Au Hoi Lam (Artist)
Moderator: Susi Law (Curator)
*Will be conducted in Cantonese

Event (II) Closing Gathering
Date: 29/3/2019 (Fri)
Time: 6-8 pm

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