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DIY機械人工作坊 DIY Robotics Workshop

2019-12-07 (Sat)
16:30 - 18:30

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Train participants to use basic tools to invent and build their own designed robot with recycled materials for completing specific mission. Participants learn the core STEAM skills including analytical skill, design thinking, problem solving skill, teamwork, prototype design and innovation capability.

費用:按金 HK$100 (每位) -將於參加者完成活動後約14至30個工作天內(視乎個別信用卡公司的處理時間) 透過信用卡退回有關按金HK$100。如於活動當日缺席,所繳交之按金將不獲退回。
年齡:6-18歲 (12歲或以下需由家長或監護人陪同)

Fee: Deposit HK$100 (per person) – The paid deposit (i.e. $100 per head) will be refunded to the participants via credit card after 14-30 working days (Vary from different credit card company)  after attending the workshop. If the participants are unable to attend the workshop as scheduled (i.e. no show), the paid deposit will be forfeited. 
Age: 6 – 18   (parent or guardian is required to accompany the child at 12 years old or below)
Language: Cantonese

合作單位 Collaborator:

Techbob Academy Limited

Techbob Academy是香港最大的STEAM教育網絡,在香港,泰國和中國的11個中心和到校課程為3至18歲的學生提供獨特和最新的機械人,編程,工程,建築和數學課程。我們很自豪能夠在2018年開辦首個STEAM主題遊學中心 - Techbob Discovery Center。我們還是2018/2019 AIA 歐陸嘉年華大會指定的STEM教育顧問,以及大灣區青少年編程與機械人大賽2019的主辦方。我們的使命是啟發, 啟動, 啟導兒童和青少年掌握和應用STEAM並進行創新。我們致力“STEAM +”的教育理念 - 我們不僅教授學生技術技能和知識,還培養他們的思想和軟實力以接受新科技和追求創新。

Techbob Academy is the largest STEAM education network in Hong Kong, offering unique and newest robotics, coding, engineering, architecture and mathematics courses to students aged 3 – 18 in our 11 centers and in-school workshops in Hong Kong, Thailand and China. We are proud to launch the first-ever STEAM-Learning Playhouse – Techbob Discovery Center in 2018. We are also the Education Advisor of the STEM School Program of the AIA Great European Carnival 2018/2019 and the Main Organizer of Greater Bay Area Youth Coding & Robotics Contest 2019. We strive for “STEAM+” – we are not only teaching students technical skills and knowledge but also shaping their mind and soft skills to embrace new technology and pursue innovation.

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DesignInspire Online

DesignInspire創意設計博覽由香港貿易發展局主辦,於每年12月網羅全球創意精英、潮流設計品牌及設計院校和機構的嶄新思潮創意。 今屆DesignInspire將在12月3至9日,帶領業界及大眾一起在網上世界體驗以「Design for Good」為主題的設計之旅,發掘設計如何為個人、群體和商業世界帶來正面力量。為期一星期的網上展將呈獻各種精彩設計項目、獨特設計故事、趣味互動體驗,以及一連 ... »