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Edible Flower in Hong Kong – From garden to table (Mother’s Day special)

2016-05-08 (Sun)
14:00 - 16:00

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Edible Flower in Hong Kong – From garden to table (Mother's Day special)

"A mother is like a flower, each one beautiful and unique." - anonymous 

Come join us with your mother for this workshop on this very special day where we'll take you on a journey to discover local edible flowers. Located in sub-tropical zone, Hong Kong is blessed with different seasonal flowers. In this workshop, Cynthia will share:

1.     What is edible flower?
2.     What are the edible flowers in Hong Kong ?
3.     How to grow edible flower from seed ?
4.     How to store them and the basic usages ?
5.     How to clean and handle different edible flowers?

At the end of the class, you will get to enjoy an edible flowers salad, served alongside a motherly cup of camomile tea.

由花園至餐桌──香港食用花 (母親節特別工作坊) 

//每位母親都是一朵獨特而漂亮的花//  —佚名


1.              什麼是食用花?
2.              香港有什麼本地食用花?
3.              如何栽種食用花?
4.              如何儲存和使用食用花?
5.              如何清潔和處理各種食用花? 

在工作坊完結前,我們會一起享用食用花沙律, 配以充滿母親味道的暖暖洋甘菊茶。

Background of Cynthia Wong :
Cynthia 的背景:

Owner of The Little Garden Farm and Tea House.



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