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曼漫 Flâneur III

2019-07-27 (Sat)

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Flaneur 3 is on our 3rd year journey. Featuring the Opus a la Carte Collective, a saxophone chamber group in various format, eg quartet, quintet, sextet... In our 3rd year, we are delighted to have Dr. Cherry Tsang to join us on the piano. We will be presenting an excited programme consists of work for Saxophone Quartet, Saxophone Quartet and Piano. Our core members include, Calvin Wong, Man Sze Tsang, Yin Tak Au, Dr. Chemie Ching, and Dennis Kwok.



About Opus a la Carte Collective

Opus a la Carte Collective consists of the finest concert saxophonists in town. Members are respected local musicians, many of them have studied aboard and eager to bring their music back and share with the Hong Kong crowd.

The group first gathered in 2017 and soon was invited to perform at Tom Lee Music Plaza at the same year. In summer 2018, the group was invited to record and to be interviewed by RTHK at their show, The Works/ Beautiful Sunday. Then they headed to perform at World Saxophone Congress head in Zagreb, Croatia and was invited to be a guest artist at the Singapore Saxophone Symposium 2018; they also received sponsorship by Timothy Travel Essentials. They were invited to perform at Heritage Vogue ‧ Hollywood Road in late 2018.

With the aim of promoting and expanding the repertorie of chamber music for saxophone, the group has successfully commissioned Dr. Austin Yip and Miss Ho-Ling Tang to write for them, the pieces are Halt Fail and Reminiscence under the full support by CASH music fund. The group also give monthly live streaming concert named, “Room 205 Concert”, at Opus a la Carte facebook page.


Opus a la Carte Collective 由香港最優秀的薩克斯管吹奏者組成。成員是本地知名的音樂家和一眾渴望將他們在外地深造接觸到的音樂帶回香港的藝術家。本樂團於2017年首次聚集,並很快被邀請於同年在通利音樂「型」中作演出。

2018年夏天,樂隊受港台邀為節目The Works及美麗星期天作錄影和訪問。同年到克羅地亞,參與三年一界的世界薩克斯管大會及受邀到星加坡作2018星加坡薩克斯研討會的藝術家和表演。兩次出國更得到Timothy Travel Essentials 贊助。其後受邀出席文物時尚 ‧ 荷李活道的表演。

另外樂隊旨在把更多室樂薩克斯管的作品帶給觀眾以及令其音樂更普及,樂隊定期在Opus a la Carte facebook 專頁作直播。此外更成功申請由香港作曲家及作詞家協會成立的「CASH音樂基金」,委約本地作曲家葉浩堃博士、鄧皓羚分別創作「終止失控」和「浮影」兩者薩克斯管四重奏作品; 並在香港及星加坡作首演。

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香港青年色士風樂團 Hong Kong Youth Saxophone Choir, supported by Opus a la Carte

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