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Foster Healthy Habits in Your Yoga Practice & Life with Maria Chan

2014-10-05 (Sun)
10:30 - 11:30

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In the yogic tradition, there is a concept called Samskaras which are patterns of thought, word, and behavior that we tend to repeat over and over again. Habits, good or bad, largely make who we are today. In this workshop we will practice Sun Salutation sequence in a different way and explore deeply the inner actions of both transitions of pose & within a pose. We will also learn how to break our bad habits and foster good ones in our daily lives.

在瑜珈哲學中, 習性是指我們長時間不自覺重複又重複的言行同心念. 而習性可以造就一個人的一生命運. 今次工作坊我們會用一個新方法練習Sun Salutation 拜日式 , 亦會詳細分析動作之間轉接及式子本身的力量運用. 最後大家會參與一個有趣的遊戲, 從中學習如何提升良好生活習慣, 將瑜珈修習變成生活智慧. 

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About Maria

Used to be a ballerina Maria has been teaching yoga & pilates with Fitness center in Hong Kong for over 10 years. She takes the role of yoga head teacher 4 years ago and recently steps down as part timer to focus more on developing exercise and yoga programs with Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation and zen practice. 

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