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Glow Like That

2019-03-27 (Wed) - 2019-05-13 (Mon)
11:00 - 19:00

Date: 27.03.2019 – 13.05.2019
Time: 11am – 7pm
Venue: 21/F, K11 Atelier, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Organizer: K11 Art Foundation


Artists: Advisory Board Crystals, Kelly Akashi, Larry Bell, Chen Wei, Chen Zhou, Tishan Hsu, Donna Huanca, Liang Yuanwei, Mountain River Jump!, Raúl de Nieves, De Wain Valentine, Alice Wang, Lantian Xie, Tsuruko Yamazaki, Yu Honglei, Zhang Ruyi


Light is not only a natural phenomenon but also a product of technological advancement. It is an empty signifier awaiting a narrative; it is undefined, fuzzy at the edges. Fluid and amorphous, light therefore has endless possibilities. When interacting with light, certain kinds of surfaces take on an iridescent sheen or reflect their surroundings, producing a shimmering or radiant ‘glow’. Presented by K11 Art Foundation as the first contemporary art exhibition held in Victoria Dockside, Glow Like That features 16 artists and collectives from countries including China, the US, and Japan, showcasing an impressive array of paintings, video works, sculptures, and installations. While some of the works demonstrate the various forms of ‘glow’ characteristic of this light-saturated era, others reveal their functions and symbolic significances in contemporary society.

Brimming with beautiful imagery associated with light, Glow Like That also echoes the spectacular harbour view that the exhibition space overlooks. From the vantage point of Glow Like That in Victoria Dockside, visitors will feast on the opulence of the gleam and glimmer of the city. The glistering waves of the harbour and the exhibition shine a light on each other, bolstering one another’s splendour and sparking ruminations on the relationship between light and everyday life.