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Green Conference

2014-06-07 (Sat)
09:00 - 17:00

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Green Conference was initiated by a group of environmentally conscious educators and green enthusiasts who are keen on making environmental protection a core element in the current education system in Hong Kong. On the 7th of June, representatives from the fields of agriculture, sustainable living, education & design will offer you a complete green experience, starting from you to your school and community.

Green Conference is the brainchild of The Green Team, a group of educators who are determined to incorporate green education into schools and Smiley Planet, a green start-up focusing on urban farming and sustainable living. Having received the most votes for the 3C Project by Awakening Cafe, The Green Team was offered seed funding to realise its dream of spreading green education over the Hong Kong school network. Teaming up with Smiley Planet, we are ready to help you setup a farm, put together an education program, and have lots of fun planting, learning and eating fresh and organic local produce! We look forward to seeing you at our conference and with your participation, we are greening Hong Kong, one seed at a time.


一群老師成立了 The Green Team,藉以凝聚力量,推動綠色教育。綠色論壇就是他們和城市耕作團隊 Smiley Planet 一同發起的。在 Awakening Cafe 的 3C Project 中勝出後,The Green Team 贏得資助,實現他們推動綠色教育的夢想。他們將與 Smiley Planet 緊密合作,設立校園農場及設計環保教育課程,與大家一同享受耕種的樂趣,分享新鮮的本地有機農作物。希望大家參與綠色論壇,和我們一同為散插綠色的種子,為改善香港未來的環境努力。


  1. Putting words into actions on the green school campus (Cantonese)
    身體力行「綠色校園」不是口號 (粵語)
    Ms. Betty Lai Shan Lam (Green Mama) 林麗珊 (綠色媽媽)
  2. Form follows production - education through observation and travelling (Cantonese) 
    生產決定形式-旅程中讓眼睛學習 (粵語)
    Ms. Jess Ho (design[+]ten) 何曉華 (田和設計)
  3. Design thinking in green education (Cantonese) 
    給綠色教育一個設計師的腦袋 (粵語)
    Mr. Wilson Tang (gardens&co) 鄧志豪
  4. Knowledge reforms the fate of food (cooking, food waste, seasons, weather, moral education, civic education, etc.) (English) 
    知識改變糧食的命運 (英語)
    Ms. Sharon Lee (meraki) 李俊雯
  5. The Taste of Summer Solstice at the Garden (Cantonese) 
    夏至田園之味 (粵語)
    Mr. Yip Tsz Shing (permaculture) 葉子盛
  6. Incorporating Green Education to your school’s curriculum (English ) 
    為課堂添加一點綠 (英語)
    Ms. Christina Borges, Ms. Emma Brown, Mr. Keith Wojewnik (Green Team)

* Simultaneous interpretation is available in English or Cantonese 提供英語或粵語即時傳譯
** Lunch at Bijas Vegetarian Restaurant 午膳於一念素食

Co-Organizers 協辦單位

Smiley Planet
Awakening Cafe
Bijas Vegetarian Restaurant
General Education Unit, The University of Hong Kong

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Green Team

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