PUTYOURSELF.in ticketing 售票平台 - 高先精選 ── 五月:購買4張或以上正價門票 Golden Scene Selection — May: Purchase of 4 or more standard tickets

高先精選 ── 五月:購買4張或以上正價門票 Golden Scene Selection — May: Purchase of 4 or more standard tickets

2019-05-16 (Thu) - 2019-05-20 (Mon)

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Golden Scene Selection – May

Screening Schedule
16/5 (Thu) 8pm – Still Human
17/5 (Fri) 7:30pm – By The Grace Of God
18/5 (Sat) 7:30pm – An Elephant Sitting Still
19/5 (Sun) 4:45pm – By The Grace Of God
19/5 (Sun) 8:15pm – Everybody Knows
20/5 (Mon) 7pm – An Elephant Sitting Still


Ticket price: 
Standard price: HK$75 each; 
Ticket price for An Elephant Sitting Still will be adjusted to $130 / 104* due to its film duration;
Concession tickets price: HK$60 each specially offer to: 
.20% off discount for full-time students and senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder. 
.20% off for each purchase of 4 or more standard tickets.


.Free Seating
.No smoking, eating and drinking. Unauthorised photo-taking, audio and/or video recording is strictly forbidden

Audience must arrive 10 minutes before the screenings. For admission, please present the QR code (either in electric or printed version) shown on the PUTYOURSELF.in e-ticket to redeem the official ticket at the venue.
Ticketing enquiries: 2819 8274 | look@putyourself.in (Office hour: Mon-Fri 10am-7pm)

Learn more:

Hong Kong Arts Centre & Golden Scene Company Limited
Programme enquiries: 2582 0248

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