PUTYOURSELF.in ticketing 售票平台 - 第二屆「溝」電影節 — 低清游擊戰:《半個人》The 2nd Cult Film Festival — Rewind Guerilla: ½ Mensch

第二屆「溝」電影節 — 低清游擊戰:《半個人》The 2nd Cult Film Festival — Rewind Guerilla: ½ Mensch

2018-12-08 (Sat)

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《半個人》 ½ Mensch

日本 Japan│1986│60分鐘min│彩色 Colour│數碼Digital
導演:石井岳龍 Gakuryu Ishii

放映日期及時間:8/12 SAT 8:30pm
地點:永發茶餐廳 Wing Fat Cafe


前衛、詭異、扭曲與冷峻,日本的映像叛逆兒與德國工業樂隊混合而成的「半人」。 導演石井岳龍於1985年乘樂隊Einstürzende Neubauten (意即「倒塌的新建築」) 到訪日本而拍下的錄像,並以樂隊的專輯《半個人》命名。電影包含樂隊於日本的現場表演及於一棟大型廢置工廠內拍攝的音樂錄像;空置的工廠充滿後末日時代的金屬感,與樂隊利用建築材料做出的實驗性Noise Rock不謀而合。音樂錄像中擁有鋼鐵質感的舞蹈員大跳日本傳統「舞踏」,配上意識大膽的畫面使影片更添邪氣。 《半個人》拍於MV在西方大行其道的時候,此作或可視為石井對流行、消費主導的音樂錄像的回應,與及他對「影像 X 音樂」這一獨特形式的思考與試驗。

½ Mensch is the collaboration between Japan’s foremost punk moviemaker Gakuryu Ishii and German Industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten (“Collapsing New Buildings”). Avant-garde, bizarre, twisted and detached, the film documents Einstürzende Neubauten's visit to Japan in 1985 and was named after one of the band’s albums. It includes concert footage along with scenes of the band performing at an old decrepit industrial building. The metallic feel of the abandoned factory suggests a post-apocalyptic atmosphere perfectly aligned with the band’s experimental Noise Rock music created from building materials. The music video also features dancers performing Butoh, a traditional Japanese dance. The dancer’s wiry frame and suggestive poses added a disquieting feeling of strangeness to the imagery. ½ Mensch was made during the heyday of music videos, and was perhaps Ishii’s response to pop and consumer-driven music videos as well as a reflection and experimentation of the unique medium of “Image x Music”.

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