PUTYOURSELF.in ticketing 售票平台 - 香港獨立電影節2020: 《兄弟爬山:抗爭紀錄短片系列》Hong Kong Independent Film Festival 2020: Diverging Paths: A Series of Documentary Shorts on Resistance

香港獨立電影節2020: 《兄弟爬山:抗爭紀錄短片系列》Hong Kong Independent Film Festival 2020: Diverging Paths: A Series of Documentary Shorts on Resistance

2020-01-10 (Fri)

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The Time of the Individual

香港 Hong Kong | 2019 | 13 分鐘 min | 彩色 Colour | HD
粵語、普通話對白,中英文字幕 In Cantonese, Putonghua with Chinese and English subtitles

導演:廖潔雯 Kanas Liu

Hong Kong Award (Shorts), Hong Kong International Documentary Festival 2019


A documentary short about the Anti–Extradition Law Amendment Bill (Anti-ELAB) movement, director Kansas Liu shows her unyielding rage against the state machine once again after the previously released Van Drivers (2015). The Time of the Individual was shot on July 7, 2019 during the Tsim Sa Tsui protest. It documented the protesters promoting their cause to Mainland Chinese tourists. Suddenly, the peaceful protest has become the open arena to explore the tension between China and Hong Kong. Yelling protest slogans in Putonghua has become quite a twisted sight in these times.


香港 Hong Kong | 2019 | 15 分鐘 min | 彩色 Colour | HD
粵語對白,中英文字幕 In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

導演:廖潔雯 Kanas Liu


Another documentary short about the Anti-ELAB movement, Comrades refers to the brothers and sisters in arms during these difficult months. The clash at Western District on July 28, 2019 might have been pushed aside by other bigger incidents, but it gives us a glimpse into how frontline comrades getting acquainted with each other as they make plans for action. Every disagreement and every persuasion is an act of living. These comrades are simultaneously strangers and intimate. They disagree yet they are also united. At the time, they could still retreat via the MTR and get to know each other on the train platform.

Trial and Error

香港 Hong Kong | 2019 | 12 分鐘 min | 彩色 Colour | HD
粵語對白,中英文字幕 In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

導演:廖潔雯 Kanas Liu


The third Anti-ELAB documentary short in this series takes us to the airport occupation on August 12, 2019. Though this new form of protest turns into a crisis quickly, it is an important lesson for the protesters. Compared to the tension inside the airport terminal, the long walk home on the Lantau highway at the time of sunset feels like a reminiscence of a field trip.

Not One Less

香港 Hong Kong | 2019 | 15 分鐘 min | 彩色 Colour | HD
粵語對白,中英文字幕 In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

導演:廖潔雯 Kanas Liu、曾錦山 Sam Tsang


The fourth documentary of this Anti-ELAB series marks the 100-day anniversary of the movement, when the grim reality of arrests and injuries adds to the count everyday. Although the film starts with the situation at Hong Kong Island on August 31, 2019, it slyly conceals the important event and focuses on the “daily life” of the frontline protesters instead. Their somber and dejected mood is increasingly apparent. Not One Less applies not only to their demands, but also the lives of comrades.


West Estate 

香港 Hong Kong | 2019 | 30 分鐘 min | 黑白、彩色 B&W, Colour | HD
粵語、客家語對白,中英文字幕 In Cantonese and Hakka with Chinese and English subtitles

導演 Director:劉健鴻 Alvin Low


West Estate takes the essence of resistance outside of the protest and spotlights the housing problem. The damaged walls set the stage for the many forms of injustice in our society. If home is the sum of human relationships, then Hong Kong is at rock bottom when it comes to spatial justice, which reflects Hong Kongers’ sense of rootlessness on this concrete island. The film depicts people’s despair towards family, sex and society by the way of their tight living spaces. Its images forcefully express political demands, exemplifying the goodness of humanity and civic responsibility.

Letter to the Outsider

香港、荷蘭 Hong Kong, Netherlands | 2018 | 7 分鐘 min | 黑白 B&W | HD
英語對白,中英文字幕 In English with Chinese and English subtitles

導演 Director:張紫茵 Dorothy Cheung

Seoul Women's International Film Festival 2018 Asian Short competition

South Taiwan Film Festival 2018 selection

San Francisco International Queer Women of Color Film Festival 2019 selection


Letter to the Outsider takes viewers out of Hong Kong and turns its attention to those who are spiritually in exile. On one hand, it imagines a video letter for a political prisoner; on the other hand, its postulates the abandonment of local identity while embracing a wider of dispersion. Maybe at the end, we are all strangers trying to build our homes on this island of a phantom city.

Post-Screening Q&A

10/1 (五 Fri) 7:30pm
Screening Room, KICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
Address: No. 135, Junction Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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