PUTYOURSELF.in ticketing 售票平台 - 夏日微旅程 – 島上樹 • 城中木 – B班 Summer Microadventures- Island & Tree; City & Wood – Class B

夏日微旅程 – 島上樹 • 城中木 – B班 Summer Microadventures- Island & Tree; City & Wood – Class B

2016-07-24 (Sun) - 2016-07-31 (Sun)

This event is completed.

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在滿目青翠的夏天,小朋友不妨出走繁喧擁擠的石屎森林,飄洋過海到樹林去!由「南丫部落」生態導師帶領孩子及家長們一起走在南丫島的叢林國度,細心欣賞島上的一草一木,介紹常見樹木及在日常生活中的廣泛用途;另會收集落葉枯枝,即場進行簡單DIY 小創作。

工作坊(約2.5小時):7月31日//PMQ S710



• 王天仁,中文大學藝術系畢業,擅以廢棄木材創作卡通動物造型的木雕,作品獲香港藝術館收藏之餘,多年來不時受邀在各類型藝術展覽、公共空間、商場及品牌合作項目中展出,亦從事藝術教育超過十年,並於不同平臺撰寫專欄。

外遊:24/7(日14:30 -17:00 (2.5小時) (不連船程*)
工作坊:31/7(日)14:30-17:00 (2.5小時)
*集合地點:南丫島榕樹灣碼頭 (建議船期–由中環碼頭開出:B班13:30)
**解散地點:南丫島榕樹灣碼頭 (建議船期–由榕樹灣碼頭開出:B班17:30)

1名小孩(7至11歲) # +1名家長(2人合共費用) : HKD$880
額外1名小孩(7至11歲)費用# : +HKD$520

參閱報名及付款程式 / 條款和細則 / 缺席及轉班事宜 / 熱帶氣旋或暴雨警告安排,請按此

Trip Length: 2.5 hours, NOT including the boat ride
Date and Location: July 24 at Lamma Island
With summer weather in full force, let your children escape the concrete jungle and explore a real natural jungle. Leading the journey in Lamma is an island ecology guide, who will lead parents and children through the woods, learning about the myriad of plant life. Children will also collect leaves and twigs to be used in a DIY creative workshop.

Workshop Length: about 2.5 hours
Date and Location: July 31 at PMQ S710
Back in the city, local artist Wong Tin-yan will guide children in building a miniature wooden city out of recycled wood pieces. Through crafting the wooden structure, discussions, story-telling and observation, children will experience a profound reflection on the city in which they live.

Journey Guide: Lamma Corner + Local artist Wong Tin-yan

• Lamma Corner is an environmental tour group that focuses on raising awareness to the importance of environmental protection and ecological conservation through tours and workshops.

• Wong Tin-yan graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Chinese University. He specializes in using junk woods to craft sculptures of cartoon animals. His works have been exhibited by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and he’s been approached by major international brands for collaborative projects. He has also been engaged in arts education over the past decade.

Class B
Excursion:24/7(Sun)14:30-17:00 (2.5hrs)
Workshop:31/7(Sun)14:30-17:00 (2.5hrs)
Assembly: Yung Shue Wan Pier at Lamma Island (Departs from Class (B) 13:30 @ Central Pier No. 4, Central-Yung Shue Wan)
Dismiss: Yung Shue Wan Pier at Lamma Island (Departs from Class (B) 17:30 @ Yung Shue Wan Ferry Pier, Yung Shue Wan-Central Pier)

Fee: Island & Tree; City & Wood
For 1Child (Child aged 7-11) # +1 Adult(Total fee for 2) : HKD$880
Additional Child (Child aged 7-11)# : +HKD$520

*The fee does not include ferry fare and meals.
#Each adult/ parent can enroll/ travel with a maximum of 2 accompanying children.
If more than 1 adult from the same family enroll/travel together, you’ll need to pay for each additional adult with the fee of “additional child”

Summer Microadventures Open For Online Applications Starting Now.
Official Website:  http://www.pmq.org.hk/events/a-sensory-voyage-2016.
For the details about online application and online payment procedure / Terms & Conditions / Policy on Absence and Make-up Classes / Arrangements under Tropical Cyclone or Rainstorm Warning, please click here.

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