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末世西遊記 The Last Journey to the West

2018-09-14 (Fri) - 2018-09-16 (Sun)
16:00 - 20:00

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體驗式遊戲劇場 x 多媒體 x 本地音樂 x 雙語演出

Banana Effect 遊歷完冰島、美國並舉辦過無數次演出、工作坊及講座後,今次,回歸香港這個「家」,再一次為大家提供全新破格演出 ── 末世西遊記!

要創作一個屬於香港的作品,就必須要選一個香港藝術人經營的場地、用本地樂隊所創作的音樂、講屬於香港人的語言! 樂隊包括: Life Was All Silence, Dandelion Mound, Vanish, More Reverb, Cow Head、紙風鈴、Topsy Wave、the Sulis Club 等等(排名不分先後) 一個屬於香港的演出,你又豈能錯過?


究竟去西邊,定去另一邊? 你可以有選擇!

演出日期及時間: 14-16/9,2018. 4pm/8pm
地點: This Town Needs (香港油塘崇信街6號 Ocean One 1/F) (遴近油塘港鐵站,步行約7分鐘)



Immersive Game Theatre x Multi-Media x Indie Music x Bilingual Performance

After our trips to Iceland and America with numerous performances, workshops and talks. Banana Effect is back to our home town, Hong Kong. We are proud to present you a brand new show, The Last Journey to the West.

A Hong Kong production through and through...Banana Effect have created a show in a local venue, with local talent, local artists music and the local languages of Hong Kong. Local bands included: Life Was All Silence, Dandelion Mound, Vanish, More Reverb, Cow Head, Tree Phoning, Topsy Wave, the Sulis Club etc. (Not in order). Don’t miss the chance to witness this dynamic and diverse production that is truly “Made in Hong Kong.”

Pick your role and play a game that reveal humanity!

To the West or to die? You always have a choice!

The Last Journey to the West will be performed in both Cantonese and English. One show fits for all!!
Performance Dates and Time: 14-16/9,2018. 4pm/8pm
Location: This Town Needs (1/F, Ocean One, 6 Shung Shun Street, Yau Tong) (About 7 mins walk from Yau Tong MTR station)

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Banana Effect

Banana Effect,一個多元化的藝術團體,以「紮根香港,放眼世界」的信念而成立,我們認為要不斷創新才會有突破,所以我們將當今歐、美最流行的「體驗式遊戲劇場」(Immersive Theatre)帶回香港,並加入大量遊戲元素,成為全港首創的「體驗式遊戲劇場」(Immersive Game Theatre),務求為觀眾帶來最實在的互動體驗。 我們曾在全港不同的場地作演出,亦曾與不同的團體、單 ... »