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《分域大道》Last Exit to Kai Tak (30 Sep, 14:30)

2018-09-30 (Sun)

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《分域大道》Last Exit to Kai Tak
Hong Kong, UK2018129minIn Cantonese and English with Chinese and English subtitle

導演 Director杜浩綸 Matthew Torne
監製 Producer杜浩綸 Matthew Torne、張子樂 Jonathan Young

劇情大綱 Synopsis






此電影以真實電影(cinema vérité)的⾵格呈現⼀部萬花筒式且蘊藏⼒量的畫面;以剛左(Gonzo)和與別不同的拍攝手法刻畫出⼀個史詩式的當代香港。


As the face of the Umbrella Movement, Joshua Wong flies around the world advocating and being celebrated for his activism; back in Hong Kong he hopes to convert his popularity into an election win. But the threat of jail for role in the Umbrella Movement is never far away.

Canto-popstar turned democracy activist, Denise Ho parts ways with her record company and struggles with the transformation from Cantopop queen to an independent politically conscious rock musician.

L’enfant terrible of Hong Kong’s democracy movement, Wong Yeung Tat, is challenged to a boxing match by a pro-establishment goon who has taken exception to Tat’s rhetoric online. The resulting boxing match descends into the absurd and darkly comic.

Third culture kid, Ed Lau, watches his mother die from cancer and resolves to do something of meaning to combat his nagging sense that his involvement in the Umbrella Movement was all for nothing. Using his inheritance to fund his campaign he launches a bid to run for public office.

Longtime right-hand man to Joshua Wong, unlikely theology student and part-time talk radio DJ, Derek Lam, struggles to earn a living and to find his way in life. His activism having stymied his job options, to make ends meet Derek slaves for Joshua’s new political party and persuades Ed Lau to finance his local Hong Kong craft beer social initiative.

Kaleidoscopic and kinetic, this is cinema vérité at its very best.

This transgressive gonzo doc paints an epic vision of Hong Kong S.A.R. as it comes of age.

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