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香港獨立電影節2019:《扯旗、我要真普選和……》(又名:《六點》)Hong Kong Independent Film Festival 2019:Like an abortion, for the very first time (aka: Sixdim)

2019-01-31 (Thu)

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類別 正價 Regular
停售時間 2019-01-31 19:00
價錢 (HKD) $75
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停售時間 2019-01-31 19:00
價錢 (HKD) $60



香港 Hong Kong|2018|102 分鐘 min|彩色 Colour|HD|
粵語對白,中英文字幕 In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles

導演 Driector:廖韜 Liu To

第22屆Ji.hlava國際紀錄片節新銳競賽 22nd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, First Lights competition


帶攝錄機的女生廖韜到佔領現場找人找事拍,清場拍,清場後也拍,也是時候做關於失敗的小檢討。在花園街公園她拍兩個熱血青年未失鬥心,指着彌敦道的方向緬懷一會,紀錄片難得回溯,那裡其實就是廖韜緬懷之處。話說她在金鐘拍到搭棚師傅幫手掛旗,師傅老而彌堅,主場是三山五嶽的「MK東村」,徒弟仔隨即出場,實踐行動派累積人生經驗,所有起帳事宜就由兩師徒包辦,然後師母上場,演繹「你在街頭抗爭,我不放心」,醋意濃郁。 廖韜關注不一樣的佔領人事,她在攝影機後出聲、意識形態自我暴露被指為左膠,別人和自己都在場。她的鏡頭既是壁上蠅又不是壁上蠅,以率性的單視點漫遊,大事態裡藏小事態,推演着四年來後雨傘紀錄長片的新生態。

Liu To takes on the role as the girl with a movie camera, collecting stories and documenting the authority’s clearance at the Umbrella occupation – a compiled reflection on its failure. Liu’s documentary gives herself and two young throbbing souls whom she met at the Fa Yuen Street Garden, a chance to recollect what happened on Nathan Road during those sit-in nights. Liu also shot at Admiralty, where she recorded Sifu (the master) and Tou-dai-zai (the boy) are constructing shelters with traditional bamboo building skills – the builders are as resilient as the materials. The duo crossed the harbour from gangstery Mongkok and were joined by Simo (the master’s wife), who came to be at the side of her husband. Despite labeled as a leftard, Liu remained a keen observer behind her lens – and most importantly, she remained at the occupation. Her straightforward viewpoint reveals layman stories shadowed under the political umbrella, and pushes ahead a new ecology of the post-Umbrella documentary genre.


31/1 (四 Thur)  7:30pm*
Screening Room, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

Post-screening Q&A

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