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夏日微旅程 – 米飯班「煮」- B班 Summer Microadventrues – Little “Rice Cooker” – Class B

2016-07-23 (Sat) - 2016-07-30 (Sat)

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外遊(約2小時):7月23日// PMQ味道圖書館、上環

一眾米飯班「煮」把米帶回PMQ味道圖書館的廚房去!曾撰寫《粒粒皆興奮》米食譜的阿齋是名符其實的「米專家」,他與團隊將與大家一起經歷洗、煮、滾、炸、炒的改造實驗,將米轉化成傳統美食、新奇小吃。孩子有沒有想過米都可以變甜品? 大夥兒一起製作「稻米私房菜」,粒粒皆精彩!

旅程嚮導:活現香港 (Walk in HK) + PMQ味道圖書館 

• 活現香港:現代掌故人,提供各式各樣的地區或主題行街團,帶大家重新認識香港,聽城裡每個角落裡的地道故事。

• PMQ味道圖書館:由PMQ和香港資深跨媒體創作人歐陽應霽聯手打造,集合3,000多本覆蓋世界各地飲食文化生活的經典食譜、旅遊文學、歷史評論的圖書館,開放予公眾細意品嚐。

- 歐陽應霽,PMQ味道圖書館策展人、創作人、飲食文化策展人。活躍於中、港、台,涉獵漫畫、寫作、設計、餐飲創作顧問種種。相信越軌跨界,熱衷搗亂生事,中年無休,老來從簡,玩物養志。
- 黎建彰, 味道圖書館助理策展人,從廚藝學院畢業生到烹飪vlogger,一直透過飲食打破言語和文字的隔膜,深信人們間之交流是最佳的食譜泉源。在多元文化影響下成長,味蕾從不受地域限制。 

外遊:23/7(六)14:30-16:30 (2小時)
工作坊:30/7(六)14:30-17:00 (2.5小時) 

1名小孩(7至11歲) # +1名家長(2人合共費用) : HKD$880
額外1名小孩(7至11歲)費用# : +HKD$520


參閱報名及付款程式 / 條款和細則 / 缺席及轉班事宜 / 熱帶氣旋或暴雨警告安排,請按此

Trip Length: about 2 hours
Date and Location: July 23 at PMQ Taste Library& Sheung Wan
We are all familiar with rice. It’s likely what we grew up on, and what your children grow up on now. Yet we tend to take them for granted. PMQ’s Little “Rice Cooker” course offers a cultural culinary history on that important grain from Taste Library curator Craig Au-Yeung, who has done extensive research on the Asian staple food. Craig will share the illustrious origin of rice, followed by a Walk in HK walking tour to local rice shops, where children will realize that rice is more than food – it is part of our heritage and can be played with in various ways!  

Workshop Length: about 2.5 hours
Date and Location: July 30 at PMQ Taste Library
Following the walking tour, children will bring back rice to PMQ Taste Library’s kitchen, where the workshop begins! Au-Yeung, who wrote a popular book on rice in 2011, will lead a cooking process that lets children wash, steam, and pan-fry rice. Children and parents will learn and taste the many wonderful food items rice can become, including dessert!

Journey Guide: Walk in HK+PMQ Taste Library

• Walk in Hong Kong - Experience Hong Kong like never before with a walking tour that explores the city, its people, and heritage in up-close and personal ways. Every corner of Hong Kong has a story – it’s up to you to learn about it.

• PMQ Taste Library is presented by PMQ and Hong Kong’s well-respected artist Craig Au-Yeung, as part of the resource centre, the Taste Library holds a collection of three thousand books covering different food cultures from around the globe: from classic recipes to travel and living; from food history to cities’ food guides. With the great support from the librarian team of Hong Kong Design Centre, Taste Library is open to the public with the clearest and most user-friendly catalog.

- Craig Au-Yeung, Curator of PMQ Taste Library, is a creative artist and food culture curator active throughout Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. His work spans the fields of comics, writing, design, catering innovations, and more. He believes in crossing boundaries and is keen to subvert. In other words – he thinks outside the box.
- Andy Lai, Assistant Curator of PMQ Taste Library, a graduate from culinary academy and vlogger specializes in cooking and gastronomy. He believes food removes language barrier and connections inspire recipe ideas.

Class B
Excursion:23/7(Sat)14:30-16:30 (2hrs)
Workshop:30/7(Sat)14:30-17:00 (2.5hrs) 

Fee: Little “Rice Cooker”
For 1 Child (Child aged 7-11) # +1 Adult(Total fee for 2) : HKD$880
Additional Child (Child aged 7-11)# : +HKD$520

#Each adult/ parent can enroll/ travel with a maximum of 2 accompanying children.
If more than 1 adult from the same family enroll/travel together, you’ll need to pay for each additional adult with the fee of “additional child” 

Summer Microadventures Open For Online Applications Starting Now.
Official Website:  http://www.pmq.org.hk/events/a-sensory-voyage-2016.
For the details about online application and online payment procedure / Terms & Conditions / Policy on Absence and Make-up Classes / Arrangements under Tropical Cyclone or Rainstorm Warning, please click here.

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