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《地厚天高》放映會 Lost In the Fumes screening (5 Jul, 21:30)

2018-07-05 (Thu)

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《地厚天高》Lost in the Fumes

監製:崔允信  任硯聰

Hong Kong|2017|97 mins|In Cantonese with Chi & Eng subtitles
Director: Lam Tze Wing Nora
Producer: Vincent Chui, Peter Yam

劇情大綱 Synopsis

梁天琦沒有想過自己會由寂寂無名的普通大學生,成為近年兩場香港立法會選舉的焦點。補選曾得的六萬多票讓他足以穩操勝券奪得一席,然而,下一輪選舉中,他雖簽過確認書,高牆卻宣告他無緣踏足議會。他說過「就算爬入去、躝入去也好, 也要成為一個代議士」,結果,他只能作旁觀者,為後備名單上的梁頌恆拉票助選。年初一晚,警察在旺角衝突時向天鳴槍,梁天琦也在現場。背著三條暴動罪的控告,他的自由生活正在倒數。鎂光燈背後的梁天琦,不再是雄辯滔滔的明日之星,而是他朝可能鋃鐺入獄的階下囚。梁頌恆當選以後,梁天琦驟然消失在政治亂局當中。當香港接連發生宣誓爭議、人大釋法、多位議員資格被取消,他在餘下日子卻毅然負笈美國進修。

Edward Leung was an average student before he unexpectedly finds himself at the focal point of two Legislative Council elections. While winning over 60,000 votes in the By-election would have guaranteed Edward a seat in the next round, his ticket to LegCo is forfeited when the regime imposes extra measures in the nomination process. Having once claimed that ’be it crawling or creeping in, I will become a councillor’, he can now only take the sidelines and put the backup Baggio Leung into the race. On the other hand, Edward finds his free days numbered as he faces three counts of rioting charges for taking part in the Mong Kok Protest. Once an eloquent rising star in politics, now he may as well be a doomed prisoner. As the oath-taking controversy and the disqualification saga unfold, Edward retreats from the spotlight and decides to leave for further study in the United States while chaos continues to reign over Hong Kong politics.


影意志是一個由獨立電影人組成的非牟利團體,成立於1997年,旨在團結本地獨立電影工作者,並致力發行和推廣香港的獨立電影。2011年,影意志正式於澳門成立支部,希望加強港澳兩地獨立電影的交流。 Founded in 1997, Ying E Chi is a non-profit arts organisation which was established by a group of Hong ... »