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香港國際攝影節2014:馬田帕爾講座 / Hong Kong International Photo Festival 2014: Master Talk by Martin Parr

2014-09-07 (Sun)
19:00 - 20:00

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票價 HKD$160,會於 2014 年 8 月 29 日早上 10:00 開售
Ticket price HKD$160. Sales will start on 29th Aug 2014 at 10:00am

於1952年生於英國薩里郡埃普索姆,著名攝影師馬田帕爾是馬格蘭攝影通訊社的主席、攝影書收藏家及作家。帕爾著名以充滿諷刺及幽默感的社會紀實攝影來描繪當代生活,並於近期獲得2014年度露西獎的紀實攝影成就獎。刺點畫廊的最新展覽展出馬田帕爾的首次香港個展,將展出其新作《香港》系列及兩套具標誌的系列。藉著是次個展的開幕,刺點畫廊將與香港國際攝影節合辦馬田帕爾的公開座談會。屆時,帕爾將分享其漫長的攝影生涯,並介紹當代攝影及其個人創作近年的變遷。其《香港》系列攝影集《Hong Kong Parr》的簽名會亦於講座後舉行。(講座將以英語進行及粵語即時傳譯)

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Born in 1952 in Epsom, Surrey (England), Martin Parr is a renowned photographer, president of Magnum Photos, photography book collector and author. Parr is famous for his satirical, humorous social documentary on modern life. He recently won the Honoree in Achievement in Documentary at the Lucie Awards 2014. Hong Kong International Photo Festival joins hands with Blindspot Gallery to present a public talk riding on the opening of Parr’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong featuring his recent Hong Kong project, alongside selections from two of his iconic past series. In the talk, Parr will discuss his long career in photography and explain how both the world of photography and his practice have changed. Also, the signing for the newest art book titled "Hong Kong Parr" will take place after the talk. (The talk will be conducted in English and simultaneously interpreted in Cantonese)

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Event link: www.hkipf.org.hk/fest/2014/master-talk.php?lang=en

香港國際攝影節 Hong Kong International Photo Festival

香港國際攝影節始於2010年,每兩年一屆的攝影節由一系列攝影展覽組成,涵蓋多個範疇,橫跨不同地區與年代。除攝影節外,隔年亦會舉行香港國際攝影節文化藝墟。每年配合國際攝影節或文化藝墟,同時舉行多項推動攝影文化的活動。展覽及活動於香港不同展覽場地及藝術空間舉行,帶動全城攝影氣氛,促進香港的攝影藝術和文化;同時,透過與亞洲不同地區攝影組織合作,積極維持並發展香港作為攝影文化、創意、技術和經驗交流中心及集 ... »