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山本政志特別放映 (溝電影節 2016)

2016-11-18 (Fri) - 2016-11-19 (Sat)
Location 01 Space/ XXX Gallery
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山本政志特別放映(溝電影節 2016)
Special Screenings of Masashi Yamamoto (Cult Film Festival (Hong Kong) 2016)

山本政志 x CULT片工作坊 x 特別放映

2016年11月,日本導演山本政志將會來港,於溝電影節2016 壓軸登場!山本先生將會出席11月18、19日一連兩天放映及座談會,更會同本地電影學生交流、又傾又砌,共同創作短片!


18/11 FRI 1945*
01 空間01 Space


*導演將出席映後談 Post Screening Q&A Session with director



19/11 SAT 1930
XXX Gallery




19/11 SAT 1600 XXX Gallery

粵語主講 In Cantonese

山本政志 導演 Masashi Yamamoto Director
馮慶強 溝電影節策劃人 Honkaz Fung Festival Curator
安娜 溝電影節策劃人David Chan Festival Curator


Masashi Yamamoto x CULT Film Workshop x Special Screening

Cult Film Festival (HK) 2016 has the honour to welcome director Masashi Yamamoto to attend the screenings and seminar on 18th - 19th November, where he will lead as well a movie workshop with local students to put together a short film!

Special Screening | CARNIVAL IN THE NIGHT

19/11 SAT 1930
XXX Gallery

Director: Masashi Yamamoto
Japan|1981|109 min|Color
In Japanese with Chinese and English subtitle
Shinjuku in the 80’s… the hustle and bustle of the heart of Tokyo, through the lens of Yamamoto’s 16mm camera, collapse into a labyrinthine den of unknown perils and urban filth. Kimiko, who left her son in her husband’s care, tears away her maternal disguise and turns into a merciless and headstrong lone wolf, snaking into the shady veins of the city. Carnival in the Night booms with overwhelming indulgence and hysteria, fanatically expressed as the plot of blowing up the whole Shinjuku unfolds and by the unending presence of violence, torture and self-harm – a seething anger and hatred on the brink of rupture. Yamamoto might come across as callous when compared to influential directors Nagisa Oshima or Matsumoto Toshio, Carnival, however, fleshes out with brutal precision a sense of naked truth. The director’s disaffection and almost stubbornly rebellious spirit are laid bare by the unpretentious cinematography still visible today.

Special Screening | THE VOICE OF WATER

18/11 FRI 1945*
01 Space

Director: Masashi Yamamoto
Japan|2015|129 min|Color
In Japanese with Chinese and English subtitle
Inherited with a priestly lineage is Korean girl Mina, the spiritual leader of the sect “God’s Water” – an untouchable figure that inspires divinity and tranquillity. However, Mina has a dark secret: her resolve has been constantly unsettled by her conscience and a dependent, deadbeat father. Yamamoto’s view of religious sects is nothing like a mystical and damning reportage, instead Voice dissects the prom and ceremony of a modern faith and pares it down to intricate mercenary interests and calculations. The plot thickens when Mina sets off on a quest to trace back her ethnic roots, hinting at the little known side of Korean heritage and spirituality. The sub-plot that revolves around Mina’s father ends up in a series of gang violence, the carnage and bloodiness of which sets an ironic contrast to the altar of a holy ritual. Voice marks the maturation of Yamamoto’s career that sees his typical ferocity deeply subdued, without undercutting the director’s scathing ridicules and unique style.

*Post Screening Q&A Session with director

Seminar | Japanese Indie Movies in the 80’s

19/11 SAT 1600
XXX Gallery

In Cantonese

Masashi Yamamoto Director
Honkaz Fung Festival Curator
David Chan Festival Curator

Free Programme, Free admission

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01 空間 01 Space
灣仔皇后大道東127號 / 127 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai

XXX Gallery
太子洋松街89-91號建聯工業大2樓A室 / Unit 2A, Kin Luen Factory Bldg 89-91 Larch Street Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon

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