PUTYOURSELF.in ticketing 售票平台 - ditto ditto X MOViE MOViE 電影心情記錄工作坊 ‘My Own Private Memento’ Letterpress Workshop

ditto ditto X MOViE MOViE 電影心情記錄工作坊 ‘My Own Private Memento’ Letterpress Workshop

2019-03-31 (Sun)
11:00 - 13:00

This event is completed.

本地活版印刷紙藝品牌 ditto ditto 和 MOViE MOViE Cityplaza 將一同舉辦活版印刷工作坊,動手製作獨一無二的 My Own Private Memento,留住戲票,記錄心情,隨時重溫電影的觸感與溫度。

Local Letterpress and stationary brand ditto ditto is hosting a ‘My Own Private Memento’ Letterpress Workshop together with the first lifestyle-driven cinema in Hong Kong, MOViE MOViE Cityplaza. Keep your movie stubs and record your thoughts so you can revisit them anytime.

1 x ditto ditto ✕ MOViE MOViE 黑色特別版 SWIT Pocket 及分隔頁
12 x 電影主題心情記錄卡
2 x 電影主題戲票卡-爆谷
2 x 電影主題戲票卡-攝錄機
1 x MOViE MOViE ✕ Vivian Ho 限量版 Moleskine 筆記本 [原價$338]
1 x house by kubrick 飲品一杯 [$50以下]

each participant will get:
1 x ditto ditto ✕ MOViE MOViE - special edition black SWIT pocket with insert card for movies keepsake
12 x movie themed notecards for recording your thoughts
2 x movie themed ticket notecards - popcorn
2 x movie themed ticket notecards - video camera
1 x limited edition MOViE MOVIE ✕ Vivian Ho ✕ moleskine notebook [original price $338]
1 x house by kubrick beverage [less than $50]

此活動屬MOViE MOViE Cityplaza一週年慶祝活動
This workshop is part of MOViE MOViE Cityplaza 1st anniversary celebration

協辦單位 / Co-organizer

Special thanks
house by kubrick


條款及細則 Terms & Conditions:
人數限制 Quota: 10
* 任何年齡人士均可參與
Participants of any age are welcome to join. 
^ 節目如有改動,請以 MOViE MOViE 及 ditto ditto Facebook 專頁公佈為準。
In any case of programme changes, please refer to MOViE MOViE & ditto ditto Facebook Page for latest updates. 
* 如有爭議,一切以 MOViE MOViE Cityplaza 及 ditto ditto 之決定為最終裁決。
In any case of dispute, MOViE MOViE Cityplaza & ditto ditto’s decisions are final.
以會員價報名參加人士到場時必須出示有效的MOViE MOViE Cityplaza會員證確認身份,否則需補回正價參加。
Participants who enjoyed MMM membership price must present their MOViE MOViE Membership cards upon arrival. Compensation for price difference is needed for participants who fail to do so. 

預訂成功後,PUTYOURSELF.in將以電郵發送附有QR code的電子門票給你,你也可登入到 預訂記錄 頁面下載門票,工作坊開始前請出示QR code。

If your booking was successful, PUTYOURSELF.in will send you the e-Ticket with QR code by email, you can also save your e-Ticket from the page Booking Records. Please present the QR code shown on the PUTYOURSELF.in e-Ticket before the workshop starts.

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