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Mobile Talk #02 – Hong Kong 《移動・設計講堂》#02 – 香港站

2016-10-08 (Sat)
15:00 - 18:30

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日期:2016年10月8日 (六)
地點:Common Room & Co.

Date: 8 October 2016 (Sat)
Time: 3:00pm-6:30pm
Seat: 40
Fee: HK$220
Venue: Common Room & Co.
Address: 198 Tai Nam Street, Sham Shui Po (MTR Sham Shui Po Station, 5 min walk from A2 Exit)
Language: Mainly English / Cantonese

關於「Mobile Talk」

「Mobile Talk」是Mobile Paper首個策劃項目—— 一個讓亞洲地區設計師、藝術家、建築師、策展人、 編輯、作家及創作人等聚首一堂、互相分享的「移動」 創意交流聚會。Mobile Talk 內容涵蓋意念、作品至日常生活,以溝通作媒介把設計的點與點聯繫起來。
「Mobile」有自由移動的意思,顧名思義,Mobile Talk 沒有固定地點、每次都以流動的方式前往亞洲不同主要城市,2016 年第一站於大阪舉行,再轉至香港及台北。Mobile Talk 是一個常辦活動,每年從不同主題出發,到訪各個城市。

About ‘Mobile Talk’

Mobile Talk is the kickoff project launched by Mobile Paper, it is a creative sharing/gathering where Asian creatives – designers, artists, architects, curators, editors and writers – meet and share their ideas, works and daily lives.
As the name suggests, the event goes ‘mobile’ and first travels to major cities in Asia, and this year it is to be held in Osaka, Hong Kong and Taipei. Mobile Talk is a continual approach and will be held every year.

關於「Mobile Paper」

由設計/創意團隊Milkxhake(香港)與OOOProjects(大阪)共同策劃、Mobile Paper 是一個為設計協作與交流而成立的嶄新平台。Mobile Paper以跨越地域、界別的形式舉辦展覽、活動、交流會等,讓世界各地的參加者、設計師、創作人集結起來,建構跨界創意網絡。
Mobile Paper相信合作與溝通的本質是流動且多變;因此Mobile Paper所策劃的項目都是流動性高、輕巧並充滿多樣性,讓大家可以隨時隨地獲取/分享優秀的內容及概念。

About ‘Mobile Paper’

Mobile Paper is a collaborative and exchange platform built for design happenings co-founded by design practice Milkxhake (Hong Kong) and OOO Projects (Osaka). Mobile Paper curates contents, exhibitions, sharing and discussions together with a wide spectrum of Asian and international creative talents and designers.
Mobile Paper believes cooperation and communication are fluid in nature, we carry
our projects with mobility and diversity, making good contents accessible everywhere.


Mobile Talk —《移動・設計講堂》2016年的主題為 「獨立/跨界」,遠於字面意思,主題是對現今因科技、社交媒體而出現的新協作模式作探討及回應。
簡而精、小而美;但群眾合作的力量也不容忽視。因應不同的目的、規模,新的協作模式充滿智慧彈性,為每個項目帶來驚喜的化學作用與無限可能。 「獨立」的準確性、「跨界」的互動性 — 均是創作過程的重要原素,亦對結果構成極大影響。「獨立」與「跨界」並不是反義詞,反而是相應相生的關連語,各自或一同在各方面大展所長。
「獨立/跨界」的興起,為「分享」、「共有」、「開放資源」、「共同工作空間」等關鍵詞添上了全新的定義,使協作的層次變得更深入更有效率;加上科技進步與移動成本日漸低廉,協作更加不受地域與邊界限制。為此,在這現況與基調之上,Mobile Talk —《移動・設計講堂》盼望與大家及各地創作人就「獨立/跨界」展開一連串跨地域、界別的對話及研討,剖釋、探索設計的新面貌。

About the theme - ‘#independent #collective’

The theme of the very first Mobile Talk is ‘#independent/#collective’. Far from the descriptive meaning, these two words are the responses for the diversified collaboration forms in our society reacted to technology and social media in the 21st century.
Small is beautiful, but cooperative power is also noticeable, depends on scope and objective of different collaboration forms bring surprising chemistries, the precision of ‘One’ and and dynamics of ‘Multiple’ each demonstrates terrific outcomes in creative process, while some cases even composed of both independent and collective form. In other words, the notion of #independent and #collective is never an opposite, rather it is interrelated and indispensable in our working model nowadays.
The trend of #independent/#collective leads to a new horizon and area for sharing, commons, open source and co-working, enhancing the depth and efficiency for collaboration without borders. Wishing to explore and open the dialogue from the observation, Mobile Talk brings you the first design discourse of the series – #independent/#collective with creators across diversified background and cities. 

演講嘉賓 Speakers
- Jaemin Lee | 平面設計師 Graphic Designer | 韓國 South Korea
- Gottingham (杉山 豪州 Gosuke Sugiyama) + YCAM InterLab (西 翼 Tsubasa Nishi) | 攝影師 Photographer + 策展人(山口媒體藝術中心) Curator(YCAM) | 日本 Japan
- Anata Ga Hoshii (植松 琢磨 Takuma Uematsu / 林 勇氣 Yuki Hayashi) | 藝術團隊 Art Collective | 日本 Japan
- 田修銓 Neil Tien | 平面設計師 Graphic Designer | 台灣 Taiwan

客席主持 Guest Moderator
- 室賀 清德 Kiyonori Muroga | 設計雜誌 《IDEA》總編輯 Chief Editor of《IDEA》| 日本 Japan

主持 Moderators
- 毛灼然 Javin Mo | 香港 Hong Kong
- 後藤 哲也 Tetsuya Goto | 日本 Japan

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- 門票一經售出,恕不退換或退款。
- 倘門票上的資料被刪除或經過塗改,又或門票遭損毀、污損或變得殘缺不全,持票人可能不獲准入場。
- 大會擁有修改、取消活動及內容之一切權利。
- 如有任何爭議 Mobile Talk 保留最終決定權。

- Each QR code only limited to one person only.
- Unauthorized tickets are not allowed to the event.
- Tickets sold are non-refundable and exchangeable.
- Ticket holder may be refused admission if any details on the ticket have been omitted or altered or if the ticket is damaged, defaced, or otherwise mutilated.
- The organizer reserves the right to cancel or make changes of the event and its content.
- In any case of dispute, the decision of Mobile Talk shall be final.

主辦 Presented by
- OOO Projects (大阪 Osaka ) + Milkxhake (香港 Hong Kong)

協辦 Co-presented by
- Dimension Plus

紙張贊助 Paper Sponsor
- TAKEO + Tai Tak Takeo Fine Paper Co. Ltd.

場地支持 Venue Support
- Common Room & Co.

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Mobile Talk

Mobile Talk 是 Mobile Paper 首個策劃項目 — 一個讓亞洲地區設計師、藝術家、建築師、策展人、 編輯、作家及創作人等聚首一堂、互相分享的「移動」 創意交流聚會。Mobile Talk 內容涵蓋意念、作品至日常生活,以溝通作媒介把設計的點與點聯繫起來。「Mobile」有自由移動的意思,顧名思義,Mobile Talk 沒有固定地點、每次都以流動的方式前往亞洲不同主要城市,20 ... »