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凡聲 Strange and Sacred Noise by John Luther Adams

2020-01-03 (Fri)
20:00 - 21:15

This event is completed.

- A 75-minute long percussion quartet performance, featuring a light installation around the space by Amy Chan -

- 《凡聲》是一首敲擊樂四重奏作品,全曲共六個樂章。約翰・路德・亞當斯不僅在此曲𥚃展示他一向對大自然聲音和風景的熱愛,他更以嶄新的角度,用數學理論構思樂曲,使作品更為精細巧妙。作品約一小時,是次演出的燈光裝置藝術由陳一云所設計。-

“Form is idealized space. Sound is audible time. Form defines a context. Sound embodies the presence of the moment.” John Luther Adams


《凡聲》約長75分鐘,是亞當斯繼作品 Inuksuit 後,最舉足輕重的敲擊樂曲目之一。亞當斯以「聆聽區域」來形容此作品,用聲音填滿時間和空間,創造不同的聆聽區域。亞當斯於阿拉斯加創作這首作品,鐘靈毓秀的景色造就他的音樂渾然天成。The Up:Strike Project 以「聲音為時間,規範為空間」,在混凝土牆內建造《凡聲》的聆聽區域。


A 75-minute long work, Strange and Sacred Noise is one of the most monumental percussion pieces ever written by John Luther Adams after Inuksuit.

Described as “places for listening” in John Luther Adams’ personal writing of his own composition Strange and Sacred Noise, the work implements the idea of creating “places” by filling the time and space with sound. With the background of composing in the North surrounded by the spiritual landscapes and natural environment, Adams’ music is often a result of an exploration of the relationship between music and environment. Adopting sound as our time, and form as our space, The Up:Strike Project seeks to construct these distinct imaginary “places” in this room of concrete.

“We often think of music as a kind of language, which of course it can well be. But rather than a music of discourse, mine is a music of the sounding image.“ John Luther Adams, Strange and Sacred Noise Essay.

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Please note that the age limit for this performance is 6 years old.

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