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PCMF 2018 Feature Concert I: Quarter

2018-10-21 (Sun)

This event is completed.

Feature Concert I: Quarter


Angus Lee - Stultifera Navis: Prelude (2018) for electric guitar, horn, two pianos, and percussion
world première
*Commissioned by PRISM Chamber Music Festival 2018 

David Maslanka - This Is The World (2012)
Hong Kong première



Piano: Annie Yuen, Pinky Tsang
Percussion: Vonald Chow, Tim Chan
Guitar (guest player): Mike Yip
Horn (guest player): Wilson Chau


Two pianos and percussions ensemble, the Quarter founded in 2016. The ensemble performed music from the pioneer Béla Bartók to the contemporary. Performances including concert, gig and multidiscipline project. Quarter have four musicians. Pianist Annie Yuen, and Pinky Tsang. Percussionist Vonald Chow, and Tim Chan. The ensemble shows their interest in contemporary classical music by giving noteworthy Asian première of Aaron Helgeson\'s If where is of to why. And performed Paul Lansky’s Textures in theatrical setting. Quarter met in the Modern Academy organised by Hong Kong New Music Ensemble. After the debut, They have gave performance organised by Hong Kong Art Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District, and M+. These are including Street Music Series 7th Anniversary, Freespace Happening, and M+ donor dinner.

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