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PCMF 2018 Feature Concert III: Song is Being

2018-11-04 (Sun)

This event is completed.

Feature Concert III: Song is Being


Part I
Apollo and Daphne - First Love 

R.M. Rilke - Love Song 
Johann Sebastian Bach - Trio Sonata, BWV529 – II. Largo
Claudio Monteverdi - Si dolce e 'l tormento, SV332
R.M. Rilke - Music
Georg Friedrich Handel - Apollo e Daphne, HWV122 - Felicissima quest'alma 
Georg Friedrich Handel - Serse, HWV40 – Ombra mai fu
R.M. Rilke - Sonnets to Orpheus, part two, XII
Antonio Vivaldi - La folia (The madness) Trio Sonata, RV63


Part II
Orpheus and Eurydice - Most beloved

Johann Sebastian Bach - Italian Concerto, BWV971 – II. Andante
Georg Friedrich Handel - Amadigi di Gaula, HWV11 – Pena Tiranna
R.M. Rilke - The death of the beloved
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach - Trio Sonata in D minor, H.569 – I. Adagio
Henry Purcell - Dido and Aeneas, Z.626 - When I am laid in Earth
R.M. Rilke - The book of hours, part two, VII
Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre - Sonata No.1 in D minor – VI Aria
R.M. Rilke - Sonnets to Orpheus, part two, XXIX
Georg Philipp Telemann - Paris Quartet in E Minor, TWV43:e12 – VI Modéré



Concept and baroque flute: Tsang Yat Ho 
German poetry voice: Irina Hüfner
Narrator: Yu Wing Yan, Alice 
Soprano: Lau Cheuk Yan, Alison 
Baroque violin: Lai Yat Hei, Sean 
Viola da gamba: Lam Tim Wai 
Harpsichord: Hung Wai Ho, Stephen

Song is Being

“Ask yourself in the stillest hour of your night: must I write?”

This is the advice poet Rainer Maria Rilke gave in a letter to a lost young poet in 1903. 115 years later, another young musician came across this letter while questioning the value and meaning of live classical music performance in the modern time. He then set off his search for an answer and encountered two Greek mythology tragic figures that would shine the light on him: Daphne, the first love of Apollo; and Eurydice, the wife and most beloved of Orpheus.....

Song is Being is a multimedia baroque music concert curated by flutist Yat Ho Tsang. His idea was to reexamine the traditional classical music concert format and to present baroque music in an easier, more interesting and meaningful way to the general public. He carefully selected poems and baroque music that supplement and complement each other and used them to reinforce and be part of the storytelling of two Greek mythology love stories – Apollo & Daphne and Orpheus & Eurydice.

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