PUTYOURSELF.in ticketing 售票平台 - 建築繪本:《三隻小豬》水泥工作坊 (5-10歲) Architecture Picture Book: “Three Little Pigs” Concrete Workshop

建築繪本:《三隻小豬》水泥工作坊 (5-10歲) Architecture Picture Book: “Three Little Pigs” Concrete Workshop

2017-08-05 (Sat) - 2017-08-12 (Sat)

This event is completed.

經典故事《三隻小豬》裡,小豬們為了抵抗大灰狼,分別用草、木和磚蓋了屋子。如果你是第四隻小豬,會用什麼蓋屋子呢? 不如跟隨設計師,化身成為小小建築師,用水泥蓋一座美觀又堅固的屋子,一嘗建築樂趣!

In the famous fable "The Three Little Pigs", the three pigs build houses with straws, wood and bricks respectively to protect themselves from the big bad wolf. What will you use to build a house if you were the forth pig? With the guidance of a designer, perhaps we can be a little architect and build our own fancy and strong cement house. Enjoy being an architect!

5/8/2017(六)3:30pm -5:30pm 及12/8/2017(六)3:30pm -5:30pm 一共兩堂 (第一堂: 制作水泥和注模; 第二堂: 脫模具) (名額已滿)
6/8/2017(日)11:30am-1:30pm及12/8/2017(六)1:30pm-3:30pm 一共兩堂 (第一堂: 制作水泥和注模; 第二堂: 脫模具)
名額:10對親子 (小童需家長或成年人陪同)

Date & Time:
5 & 12/8/2017 (Sat) 3:30pm -5:30pm (Two consecutive classes) (Full)
6/8/2017 (Sun) 11:30am-1:30pm & 12/8/2017 (Sat) 1:30pm-3:30pm (Two consecutive classes)
Location:S710, 7/F, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central
Target: Kids aged 5-10 with parents
Class size: 10 pairs (Kids shall be companied by parents)
Fee: HK$320/ pair (Each pair include one kid and one parent)
Language: Cantonese
Mentor: Stefan Chui

工作坊所選繪本  Picture book selection for the workshop: 

徐啓軒 ,本身與建築都有不解源,現在是建築系學士的準畢業生。在學習當中會接觸到不同類型的建築物料,但對混凝土和水泥的材料吸引更生產了一種情意結,因此於2014成立 Mr. Hammers 使用了一個獨特而謙遜的材料;混凝土,以工業設計具體實現水泥作品,希望推廣一種”No Finishing is a Finishing” 的想法和概念。在作品展上透過混凝土和水泥的質感及素樸帶出個人我價值觀和想法,與此同時希望大家可以去感覺混凝土作品的美 。

Mentor’s background
Stefan Chiu is a postgraduate architecture student. As his passion in architecture grows, he felt the need to learn more about this field and thus continues his education in this direction. Now he is a postgraduate architecture student. During his years of education, he is exposed to lots of different building materials. Among them, concrete and cement attracted him the most and thus started experimenting with these materials. In 2014, Mr. Hammers was founded and started off producing products using a unique yet humble material that is concrete. With the use of concrete, Mr. Hammers’ products hope to promote a message that “No Finishing is a Finishing”. Concrete has its own unique texture, it evokes personal feelings towards it with a simple touch. The beauty of concrete is more than just aesthetically pleasing, it is about the feeling to, thus it is recommended for others to feel the works and touch the beauty of concrete.


日期:28/7/2017 - 13/8/2017
時間:11:00am - 7:00pm



To know more about “Picture Book Adventures”:

Date:28/7/2017 - 13/8/2017
Time:11:00am - 7:00pm
Location:Marketplace & Courtyard, G/F, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central
Fee:Free Admission

Participants who join the exhibition and programmes will be deemed to be an acceptance of the Terms & Conditions and Arrangements under Tropical Cyclone or Rainstorm Warning.

In any cases of dispute, the decision of PMQ Management Co. Ltd shall be final.

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