PUTYOURSELF.in ticketing 售票平台 - 即影即有寶麗萊攝影工作坊 – 拍攝的瞬間 立身於當下 Polaroid Tour – Re-examining the current Wan Chai through the Polaroid Camera

即影即有寶麗萊攝影工作坊 – 拍攝的瞬間 立身於當下 Polaroid Tour – Re-examining the current Wan Chai through the Polaroid Camera

2018-10-14 (Sun) - 2018-10-28 (Sun)
13:00 - 15:30

This event is completed.


即影即有寶麗萊攝影工作坊——拍攝的瞬間 立身於當下


Instant Tours Hong Kong策劃的寶麗萊攝影團,將帶大家一人手執一部傳統寶麗萊相機,在新舊交融的灣仔鬧市穿梭,從街頭到街尾,等待偶然遇上的驚喜;再按下快門,相片隨即輸出,靜待相中景物慢慢浮現,見證時光流逝。留存在相片中的現實,早已換上另一重光景。是時間比我們預期走得更快,還是高速流動的城市,令當下與過去的界線,愈來愈糢糊?




日期: 14/10/2018 (日); 28/10/2018(日)
時間: 13:00 – 15:30

價錢:每人港幣100 元正


Polaroid Tour
Re-examining the current Wan Chai through the Polaroid Camera

Polaroid was the fastest method for us to capture the picture in front of us. However, once digital cameras and smartphones were launched, the reality can be digitized within a second, the speed of instant-photography has been redefined.

Polaroid Tour is organized by Instant Tours Hong Kong, will take us with our polaroid cameras to explore Wan Chai, from past to present, from corner to corner. Waiting for the contingent surprises, then we press the shutter, capture the moment, stay until the image shows itself and witness the stream of time passes. Reality in the photos, has already switched to another actuality. Is time runs faster than our expectation, or is the speed of the city blurred the boundary between the present and the past?

Technologies progresses while city advances, everything comes and goes, only the intuition and emotions of the moment you take the picture would never change.

*A vintage Polaroid camera will be borrowed to each participant and 8 Polaroid Originals films (white frame) will be provided. Participant can pay HKD 180 for an extra box of films (8 films). Photos are for reference only.


Date: 14/10/2018 (Sun); 28/10/2018(Sun)
Time: 13:00 – 15:30

Gathering Point: Main Entrance, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Capacity: 10 people per session
Price: HKD100 per person

Conducted in Cantonese

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