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《Seeing Beauty Beyond Eyes》首次放映會

2017-04-08 (Sat)
20:30 - 21:30

This event is completed.

這是 一個長達兩年多的 UPCYCLING 旅程...

為何時裝工業會落到成為世界第二大最污染環境的工業這田地?最主要因為人的最快感官就是視覺,所以我們往往第一時間透過外表去審視別人,正中了Fast Fashion 的下懷:他們將1年4季變成52季,不停推出新潮流,令人不自覺地不斷追不斷買不斷棄,到頭來衣櫥爆滿但心中依然空洞...

反觀很多視障朋友,他們像你像我都一樣愛美,而且他們的生活哲學更是有趣和具啟發性,他們享受生活品位和我們沒兩樣;我們做到的,他們一樣自如,反而他們在漆黑中能做到的,我們就連站著也覺不知所措;正正就好像 UPcycling 的概念,他們用自己的「創意」將本不完美的視野「升級改造」成比一般人更寬闊的心境,並更懂得用心去享受裝扮的樂趣;他們正是最有說服力的人來一起探討何謂「從心出發的美」,以及經歷 UPcycling Fashion 的旅程。


到底「美」有新舊之分嗎? 可從多少角度來看? 從作品中細味製作團隊以心血表達的訊息之餘,影後還有嘉賓分享,探討一下「如何在扮靚之中令世界同樣美麗」;而時尚,又是否只有一種模式?

This is a 2-year-long UPcycling journey . . .

How come has the fashion industry become the world’s 2nd largest polluting industry? The most importance is because eyesight is our fastest sense, so we often judge people by their appearance at the first sight. It’s just fitting into the trap of Fast Fashion strategy, they increase the delivery routine from 4 seasons per year to 52, and keep pushing new trends, which encourage consumers to keep chasing, keep buying and keep abandoning unconsciously. However, their hearts are getting empty although their wardrobes are more than full.

In contrast, the visually impaired people enjoy beauty as you & I do, and their philosophy about life is even more interesting and enlightening. They live freely in the dark but we feel overwhelmed even just standing in it. They make use of their own ‘creativity’ to get rid of their imperfect eyesight and bring their lives more fun, that they know more than us to enjoy the fun of dressing up from inner heart. This is exactly like the concept of UPcycling! They are the most convincing models to discuss what is ‘True beauty from inner heart’ and take you to the journey of UPcycling Fashion.

Just because of the obsession with beauty and an innocent mind, Toby Crispy has been working regardlessly with a pair of hands and luckily gathered a team of professionals. In the lack of resources and after sorting out of all the problems, finally this insightful short film was born after more than 2 years.

Last but not least, is ‘Beauty’ defined by its age? How many points of view could be seen? Apart from the painstaking short film, more guests will be invited for sharing, to explore ‘how to dress up and make the earth prettier at the same time’ and whether Fashion has only one way of model, or more?

Creative direction : Toby Crispy
UPcycling Fashion Design : Toby Crispy
Video consultation : Jessey Tsang
Cinematography : J.him Ming Lee
Video editing : Lawt Lo
Photography : Wong Hoi San Phoebe
Make up : Agnes Siu
Hair styling : Tac Cheng & Kilio Sin
English translation : A V.I. member of Hong Kong Blind Union

Date: 8 April 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 8:30pm-9:30pm
Venue sponsor: Art & Culture Outreach
14/F, Foo Tak Building, 365 - 367 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Nominal fee: $55 (You can bring 1 more friend to come)
Inquiry: hello@lastbutnotleast.biz

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日期:2017年4月8日 (星期六)
場地贊助:藝鵠 灣仔軒尼詩道365-367 號富德樓14樓
收費:$55 (每張票可帶同一位朋友來)
名額:25人 - 座位有限 不設劃位 先到先選


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