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HART/BEAT 課程 – 藝術行政管理探討 | HART/Beat Learning – Sharing On Art Management

2020-05-18 (Mon) - 2020-07-17 (Fri)

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With encouraging responses from participants joining “The 5 Courses – Sharing as a Manager in the Arts Industry” in late 2019, this year HART is launching two new learning programmes under our HART/Beat series – RERUN and ELEVATE.

RERUN is the series of courses introducing art management to ’newbies’ in the arts and cultural industry. Those who are about to engage in the field, or young professionals who are fresh to the workforce are welcome to gain perspectives from each other. With the various durations set for the classes and the online sessions on  offer for the same topical learning of the same subject, we hope to give flexibility and unique experiences to participants.

As for ELEVATE – the intermediate course to be conducted in this summer, we will ‘dig-deep’ into the discussions and analysis presented in the beginner course RERUN. The approach and journey, that we will co-create with you, will span from two Friday evening classes and a whole-day field trip on Saturday.

Programme Details: https://thehart.com.hk/hartbeat-course2020

HART/Beat Sharing on Art Management – RERUN

We hope HART/Beat Sharing on Art Management – RERUN can fuel you with good energies. The course on offer aims to connect with you through a series of dialogues and discussions on art management and on the relevant ecosystem, contributing to the enhancement of the creative industries’ healthy developments.

HART/Beat RERUN mainly includes productive exchanges on value-making in art and cultural programming, while we will share insights on projects launched as case studies to open up interactions, tagging along with the presentations on the observations made responding to the happenings and trends of the art scene.

HART appreciated all past learners who encouraged us to launch this RERUN, hence we know the target groups to engage: we welcome all talents in Hong Kong who have fresh eyes and minds to the local art industry to give input to the collective; while young professionals to the field are very welcomed to share with us their most recent experiences and challenges at work who need new insights.

Reacting to the circumstances that everyone is experiencing now, we would like to add flexibility to this program – you may choose to attend this via real-time online classroom (where you will experience interesting interactions where we put a lot of effort to design), or to join us in person at HART Haus the studio, where all hygiene measures are taken seamlessly. Topics covered in these classes are more or less the same, the only differences will be the duration and the form of experiences that you choose to fit your schedule and style.

Programme Details: https://thehart.com.hk/hartbeat-course2020-rerun

HART/Beat Sharing on Art Management – ELEVATE


“What are the relationships about interpretations and archives – how are these relevant to the sustainable developments to internationally acclaimed museums/ institutions and that to HART/ local art industry?”

“Dig deep into the art ecosystem – after learning all the different roles, what are the fair parameters to judge or assess whether an art professional is ‘doing their job’, ‘working above standards’, and ‘leading in the career’?”

HART would like to tell the stories where insights are gained, both internationally and those from local Hong Kong. In particular, we would like to share with you the experiences and feedback we collected when we run the Social Studio, our core program launched at HART Haus; as well we would like to initiate the discussions on some important topics that we found most relevant to the development of today’s contemporary art ecosystem.

This summer course serves as a sequel, an advancement programme to ‘The 5 Courses’ launched in November 2019 to January 2020, aiming to deepen the discussions and investigations on art administration and management, in particular in the local Hong Kong context. This course occupies two Friday evenings and one whole Saturday, which is a response to the feedback contributed by the good learners from last courses, with new concepts added to the engineering of the programme to serve newcomers a refreshing experience in learning.

Introductory class
7:30pm – 9:30pm, July 3, 2020 (Fri)

Field trip – visit & experience
10am – 5pm, July 11, 2020 (Sat)

Interactions, exchanges and Q&A
7:30pm – 9:30pm, July 17, 2020 (Fri)

Programme Details: https://thehart.com.hk/hartbeat-course2020-elevate

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