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清醒做夢時間 Only when you sleep, it works

2019-06-21 (Fri) - 2019-06-23 (Sun)

This event is completed.

夢與現實 之一
Dream & Reality Series 1

Only when you sleep,
it works

睡夢體驗演出 A sleep performance

Littlebreath Creative Workshop


21/6/2019 (五 Fri) 8pm
22/6/2019 (六 Sat) 12pm/4pm/8pm
23/6/2019 (日 Sun) 12pm/4pm
葵青劇院 黑盒劇場
Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre

Performed in Cantonese without surtitles.


早鳥優惠 Early Bird Discount
[ 15/4 — 30/4 ]

$200 [已包括手續費 Including admin charges] (原價 Original price: $230)
$130 學生/高齡人士/殘疾/綜援受助人士 full-time students, senior citizens aged 60 or above, Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients, and people with disabilities and the minder

Are you in the reality, or a dream? Are you really sure?




當déjà vu愈來愈頻密、清晰,你是否已經重新記起,關於未來的記憶?

Come, sleep;
Only when you sleep, it works.


睡 眠 作 為 反 抗



一趟聲音導引,觀眾只能透過參與完成的演出歷驗。 放心,一點都不費力,你只需要放鬆。


Have you heard about the edge of the blackhole?
As gravity intensifies towards the core, time slows down,
Just like on a vinyl's rim, where time sinks and stills...

If the end of the world is an elongated slow-motion picture where we all submerging in,
Can I invite you to sleep with me, and snorkel in the dream of another realm?
You'll soon hear, the sounds you've already heard;
You'll soon see, the scenaries you've already seen. 
When déjà vu gets rapid and clear, can your memories of the future revive?

Come, sleep;
Only when you sleep, it works.


Sleep as resistance
The sound from the brain intersects with the sound from the body; fiercely they grow,
People survive between horror speculation and barrens of life; how can they sail forth to the future of darkness?
If we are the last generation of the earth, can we declare,
'This is the best moment among all possible worlds'?
If reality is an eternal nightmare, what would you like to overwrite?
Inspired by A Field Guide to Lucid Dreaming. 


A journey of experiential-performance only achievable by audience's involvement. Rest assured in this effortless trip, simply relax. There is no absolute way, as your subconscious and memory will guide you through any routes beyond our default. 

小息跨媒介創作室 Littlebreath Creative Workshop

小息積極探索當代表演藝術的可能性,鋭利地反照時代。主要作品包括「邊境系列」《卡桑德拉/表象終結之世界》(榮獲IATC劇評人獎2018年度演出獎,及提名香港小劇場獎最佳整體演出、最佳導演、最佳舞台美學)、《靜默邊境》、《靜默。邊境族》(提名香港小劇場獎最佳整體演出)、《我們的海 - 島嶼幻想曲》及《七天七夜 - 一缺城市誦曲》等。

Littlebreath is a devoted explorer of possibilities in performing arts and a discerning reflector of the contemporary world. Notable works include Kassandra or the World as the End of Representation (awarded Performance of the Year by IATC (HK) Critics Awards 2018, and nominated for Best Performance, Best Director and Best Scenography by Hong Kong Theatre Libre), Absent PresenteePresent Absentee (nominated for Best Performance by Hong Kong Theatre Libre), Where is Our Sea? A Rhapsody of the Isle and Heptahedron - A City's (Surrealist's) Odyssey. 

概念、文本及導演 Concept, Text & Director
陳冠而 Chan Kwun-fee

音樂及演出 Music & performer
黃衍仁 Wong Hin-yan

演出 Performers
梁曉端 Melissa Leung*
梁浩邦 Leung Ho-pong
鄭佩嘉 Cheng Pui-ka
伍美宜 Emily Ng
鄭綺釵 Cheng Yee-chai

空間 Stage Designer
阮漢威 Yuen Hon-wai

聲響 Sound Designer
梁寶榮 Leung Po-wing

燈光 Lighting Designer
張素宜 Zoe Cheung

多媒體錄像 Multimedia Designer
方曉丹 Dan Fong

黎蘊賢 Orlean Lai

技術總監 Technical Director
林慶麟 Lam Hing-lun

製作經理 Production Manager
李菁菁 Cheryl Li

舞台監督 Stage Manager
陳樂詩 Chan Lok-sze

執行舞台監督 Deputy Stage Manager
林朗峰 Ronly Lam

宣傳品設計 Graphic Designer

宣傳品攝影 Photographer

Participating in the project with the support of CCDC

Suitable for ages 12 and above. Children under the age of 6 will not be admitted.
Running time of each performance is about 90 minutes without intermission. Audience is strongly advised to arrive punctually.  Latecomers and audiences who leave during the performance will only be admitted at a suitable break.

There will not be any audience seating. Comfortable clothing is advised. Senior citizens or people with disabilities may take the seats placed outside of the performance area.

主辦 Presented by:
小息跨媒介創作室 Littlebreath Creative Workshop

鳴謝 Acknowledgement:
康樂及文化事務署 Leisure and Cultural Services Department
前進進戲劇工作室 On&On Theatre Workshop

部份排練場地由 CCDC 舞蹈中心夥伴計劃贊助
Rehearsal space is (partially) sponsored by Partnership Scheme, CCDC Dance Centre

小息跨媒介創作室 Littlebreath Creative Workshop

小息積極探索當代表演藝術的可能性,鋭利地反照時代。主要作品包括「邊境系列」《卡桑德拉/表象終結之世界》(提名香港小劇場獎最佳整體演出、最佳導演、最佳舞台美學)、《靜默邊境》、《靜默。邊境族》(提名香港小劇場獎最佳整體演出)、《我們的海 - 島嶼幻想曲》及《七天七夜 - 一缺城市誦曲》等。 Littlebreath is a devoted explorer of possibilities in ... »