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肖像曲 Songs of Portrait

2018-04-27 (Fri) - 2018-04-29 (Sun)

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肖像曲 Songs of Portrait
NERVE ✕ 卓翔 Cheuk Cheung

Extending documentary from screen to stage; Meeting of operatic forms


27-28/4/2018 (五至六 Fri-Sat) 8pm
29/4/2018 (日 Sun) 4pm
Theatre, Hong Kong City Hall


成人正價門票 Standard Adult Ticket $270

早鳥訂特別優惠,只售 $192!之後絕無如此超值票價,萬勿錯過!優惠期至3月4日。
Early bird booking with special discount for only $192! Absolutely only for this period till 4/3! Don’t miss it!

Senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and the minder, and full-time students.
(3月5日起於各城市售票網售票處發售。Concessionary tickets will be available at URBTIX from March 5.)

以紀錄電影為起點,中國崑曲藝術家楊陽和日本能劇藝術家鵜澤光,兩位不同背景地域的表演藝術家述説著他/她們追尋理想與面對生活現實的矛盾,在當下社會中如何繼承傳統及發展的掙扎和挑戰。當代聲樂藝術家Olivia Salvadori唱出一首首混音版西洋歌劇詠嘆調,從普契尼到Vaporwave,以女高音式詠唱與兩種東方劇場傳統比照互動。


Starting from documentary films on two performers of diverse backgrounds – a Kunqu artist – Yang Yang from China and a female Noh artist – Hikaru Uzawa from Japan, in revealing the challenges they encounter – on how they foster the traditional art forms that they have inherited and have been representing; and how they venture for their own paths in context of the contemporary society. Whilst contemporary vocalist - Olivia Salvadori performs remixed exerts from classical opera aria, across styles from Giacomo Puccini to vaporwave, in which contrasted with the other two eastern traditional forms of theatre performances, in contemplation of different traditions in experiment.

In this production, documentary expands from the screen to live performance on stage, to intersect with a form that is beyond opera and documentary theatre. The music is certainly cross-cultural and cross-genre experimentation of classical vs avant-garde, melodic vs noise, structure vs improvisation. Performers shuffling between being themselves and performing characters of classical plays, dialogues between their real self with their presenting characters will be juxtaposed together with their different art practices and ideas, to lead us into a hybrid performance.


A composer explores traditional art forms, underground subculture and life based on his methodology for musical composition.

卓翔 Cheuk Cheung
Taking image and theatre as a channel to let viewers to observe the life of performing artists.


創作/ 製作團隊 Creative / Production Team

創作監製 Creative Producer
黎蘊賢 Orlean Lai

作曲、劇本、聯合導演 Composer, Script & Co-Director

電影導演、劇本、聯合導演 Film Director, Script & Co-Director
卓翔 Cheuk Cheung

劇本 Script
麥淑賢 Mak Su-yin

演出 Performer (紀錄片documentary film)
楊陽 Yang Yang

演出 Performers
鵜澤光 Hikaru Uzawa
Olivia Salvadori

演奏 Musicians
Shane Aspegren (敲擊 percussion)
陳柏達 Wilmer Chan (低音提琴 double-bass)
許諾 Hui Lok (尺八 shakuhachi)
Nerve (電子electronic)

舞台設計 Stage Designer
王健偉 Jan Wong

燈光設計 Lighting Designer
劉銘鏗 Lau Ming-hang

服裝設計 Costume Designer
鄭文榮 Cheng Man-wing

製作經理 Production Manager
徐偉康 Tsui Wai-hong

宣傳品設計 Graphic Designer
田雀工房 Peter Bird Studio

Performance in English, Japanese and Putonghua, with partial subtitles in Chinese and English.

Suitable for ages 12 and above. Children under the age of 6 will not be admitted.
Running time of each performance is about 75 minutes without intermission. Audience is advised to arrive punctually!

節目查詢 Programme Enquiries:
5161 9684 / orleanlaiproject@gmail.com

策劃及製作 Curated & Produced by:

影像製作 Film Production:
映像先驗 A Priori Image

「Project ELSE」獲香港特別行政區政府「藝能發展資助計劃」的資助。本節目屬於「Project ELSE」計劃一部分。
"Project ELSE" is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. This programme is part of "Project ELSE".

此作品於2018年由orleanlaiproject 委約,部份費用由香港作曲家及作詞家協會轄下的「CASH音樂基金」贊助 。
This new work is commissioned by orleanlaiproject in 2018 with partial sponsorship from CASH Music Fund.

鳴謝 Acknowledgment: 康樂及文化事務署 Leisure and Cultural Services Department


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orleanlaiproject 強調以「hybridity in collaboration」作為策動跨域合作計劃的核心。策動跨域合作計劃,探索不同藝術展現方式的可能性,以拓寬藝術型類框框,與及媒界的分野。 於2014年獲邀於油街實現策劃的「像是動物園」展覽,嘗試以展場作為歷程、敘述、跨越展覽與表演的實驗場域。其後亦策劃了多個歷驗式展覽。剛策劃的多頻道演出《親密 Claustrophobia》 ... »