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《佔領立法會》及《理大圍城》Taking back the Legislature & Inside the Red Brick Wall (16 Jul, 19:45)

2020-07-16 (Thu)

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Taking back the Legislature & Inside the Red Brick Wall (Total duration: 115 min)

Taking back the Legislature
Directors: Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers
Hong Kong | 2019 | 44′ | In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles | HD | Colour

After a night of planning and mourning, a storm is brewing at early hours of July 1, 2019. Taking back the Legislature primarily focuses on a group of protesters putting their lives on the lines and dedicated documentary filmmakers. In face of the absurdity of the government’s indoor flag ceremony, protesters question the usefulness of peaceful protest and hope to storm the Legislative Council Complex as a last ditch effort to ignite change in the movement. As they confront pro-democracy councilors outside the complex, their pent-up anger and despair explode. Due to the police’s decision to leave the building defenseless, the group successfully takes back the Legislative Council Complex momentarily and reads out their declaration. Though history has warned of futility in occupied space, violent street clashes continue deep into the night even after the group has retreated. The combat mentality has already taken root in the people’s heart and they shall not give up anymore.

Inside the Red Brick Wall
Directors: Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers
Hong Kong | 2019 | 70′ | In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles | HD | Colour

The Anti-ELAB movement comes to a most horrifying peak in mid-November at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. When protesters call for a citywide strike and road blockage, police chooses to disperse the protesters who were blocking the Cross-Harbor Tunnel. Many of the protesters retreat to the Polytechnic University while police completely puts the school in a lockdown by completely surrounding the area. Anxious citizens want to help but can barely go near the campus. Meanwhile, within those red brick walls, the camera captures a campus shrouded in darkness and horror. Besides trying to leave or hide, the only thing they can do is wait. Like all of Hong Kong living under a totalitarian regime, how could the trapped ones, the protesters and Hong Kongers come out alive?


16/7 (Thu) 7:45pm*
*With after-screening discussion (conducted in Cantonese)
Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Address: UB, 2 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


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