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茶話 The Language of Tea 茶染工作坊 Tea-dye Workshop

2017-01-21 (Sat)
14:00 - 15:30

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手碟演奏家 Hakgwai 與 Edmund Leung亦將帶來live演出,現場更提供茶莊冷泡茶與 teakha 茶。家 出品的新鮮糕餅,不容錯過!

Last Saturday 【The Language of Tea】 was a great success, and we decided to extend it for another day! This Saturday, Alan Chan and Plantation by teakha invites you to come & be inspired by the language of tea.

Alan Chan curated “The Language of Tea” with teas from PLANTATION and contemporary tea wares from XIYAN, hoping to lead everyone into the world of tea conversations with the designer’s teawares. To further strengthen the connection between tea and art, Alan is sharing his rare collections of teawares from China and Kyoto along with tea-themed design works, whilst Plantation by teakha has curated a series of tea-inspired workshops and live handpan music performance brought to you by Hakgwai Lau and Edmund Leung on the day! The icing on the cake is then of course freshly baked homemade goodies created by teakha!

【展期 Exhibition Date】2017.1.21 星期六 Saturday
【開放時間 Opening Hours】12:00 – 19:00
【地點 Venue】Space 27
【地址 Address】香港鰂魚涌英皇道 653-659 號東祥工廠大廈 A/B 座 10 樓
10/F, Block A/B, Tung Chong Factory Building, 653-659 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

【工作坊訊息 More On Tea-dye Workshop】


天然茶染工作坊將教你如何以 「茶 ‧ 家」 的回收茶入色,在紙材、布及繩線上染出自己的色彩創作。體驗親手提煉色彩與渲染,還可以將成品帶回家收藏講師Anna Cennamo是植物染專家,也是Food for Good - Extraction 計畫的發起人,以蔬果提煉染料,發揮減少剩食、重複利用的精神。


Tea – dye Workshop

This natural dye workshop will demonstrate how to create a beautiful variety of natural colours extracted from teas to dye paper, fabric and twine. Each participant will experiment with their own hands, coming up with their own colours and outcomes. At the end of the workshop you will be able to take home the colours you have created. The workshop will be conducted by Anna Cennamo, the creator of the Extraction Project for Food for Good and plant-dye expert, who also designed the packaging for Plantation.

*Free tea and delicacies included for workshop participants.



PLANTATION by teakha

PLANTATION by teakha is a craft tea company with a mission to share the wisdom and heritage of tea-drinking through friendly, modern & beautiful means. Our philosophy is simple – “teas that ... »