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茶。家三歲生日,齊來製作百家被!Let’s complete a 100-patch quilt for teakha’s 3rd birthday!

2015-04-25 (Sat)
13:00 - 18:00

This event is completed.

漢族民間流傳著一個習俗,就是向鄰居親友討取零星碎布, 然後替初生小孩製作一件百家衣或百家被,寓意孩子將會在百家的庇護下健康成長,謂能得百家之福。趁著茶。家三歲生日的日子,我們希望能得到大家的祝福,邀請喜歡茶。家的朋友一起完成百家被!

In old Chinese tradition, 'Hundred-patch quilt' is a blanket or a piece of garment made for newborn babies. It is made from pieces of fabric given by family and friends, bearing the connotation of 'borrowing' luck, health, wealth and fortune from others, so that the child grow up well. On our 3rd birthday we’d like to call upon all teakha fans to share your blessing by contributing to the making of the Hundred-patch Quilt.

過程 method:

  1. 每位參與者請帶同一塊 60 x 60cm 的棉布 (不含彈性) - 任何顏色和圖案均可。
    Each participant will be required to bring along 1 piece of cotton fabric of 60 x 60cm in size (non-streched). Any colours and patterns are welcome.
  2. 現場會提供針線,參與者可以用毯子針把自己的布縫上。
    Thread and needle will be available here at teakha for you to stitch your piece one after another (blanket stitch). 
  3. 我們的目標是縫好一塊 3.6 x 2.4m 大的併布,用作晚上放映會及第二天活動使用。
    Our aim is to create a blanket of 3.6 x 2.4m, so we can cover the road in front of teakha for movie screening & next day's event.
  4. 每位棉布捐贈者均可免費參與絲網印刷工作坊!(不會縫紉的會得到在場工作人員協助)
    Each fabric donor will be able to join the tote bag screen printing workshop for free!(Those who cannot stitch will be assisted by our staff!)


百家被資料 patchwork blanket information

目標尺寸 target size: 3.6 x 2.4 M
每塊棉布尺寸 size of each patch: 60 x 60 cm
棉布數量 no. of patches: 24
時間 time:  每小時5位參與者 5 participants per hour

本活動免費 This is a free event

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