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茶。家 teakha – Day 2 – 閉幕表演 Closing Performance

2015-04-26 (Sun)
17:30 - 18:00

閉幕表演:舞蹈表演,由舞者 Ivy & Sudhee 編排及演出 (概念:Ming Pak Creation)
Closing Performance: Dance composed by Ivy & Sudhee (Concept by Ming Pak Creation)

白濰銘 (Ming Pak Creation) 是個拒絕被賦予既定風格的舞者; 從他對優秀舞蹈美學的追求中反映出每個細節的執著,哪管只是毫釐之差。
於 茶。家 三週年的慶典,他提出奉茶的概念,由環境藝術家和舞者 Ivy 及 Sudhee 編了一支舞蹈,作為獻給 茶。家 的閉幕禮。

Pak Wei-ming (Ming Pak Creation) is a dancer who refuses stereotypes; his core values are expressed in accurate body expression and dance aesthetic, with insistence on every minute detail. As a closing performance of the 2-day event, dancer and compser Ivy & Sudhee will be performing a site-specific dance as a gift to teakha's 3rd birthday, based on Pak's concept of tea-serving rituals.

本活動免費 This is a free event

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