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茶。家 teakha – Day 2 – 藝術體驗 Hands-on Crafty Experience

2015-04-26 (Sun)
13:00 - 17:30

In celebration of teakha's 3rd birthday, we have arranged for 3 music bands to go with the 3 different hands-on crafty experiences:

  1. 代客寫詩 Poet for Hire by Nixon


    Share your story with our poet, Nixon, in exchange for a little poem written especially for you over a cup of tea.
    This is going to be a one-of-a-kind experience, so please pay Nixon only what you think is fair.
    Notes: Poem in Chinese (with English translation on request)

  2. 英文書法服務 Calligraphy Service by Beverly

    Beverly 除了會在現場示範英文書法的技巧,只要你購買她的手工卡,便能免費得到她的書寫服務。5月開始她更會在茶。家舉辦英文書法工作坊,有興趣參與的密切留意最新動向!

    Beverly is a designer and calligrapher now based in Hong Kong. Raised in Canada since the age of 1, she is especially sensitive to nature and her surroundings, which gives her writing a calm and elegant touch.
    Please come by and catch her for a free calligraphy service upon every purchase of her beautifully crafted letterpressed cards! She will also be giving calligraphy workshop at teakha in May, so please stay tuned for further announcements!

  3. 絲網印刷工作坊 Screen Printing

    'Where there's tea there's hope'.

    為慶祝茶。家3週年,特別預備了絲網印刷工作坊,讓大家親手把字句印在tote bag上,體驗一下DIY的樂趣!

    A screen printing workshop will be available for you to print your own teakha tote! 
    To celebrate our 3rd birthday, a graphic is specially designed with the above quote for the occasion - get hands on with the experience and don't miss the fun!

    歡迎公眾參與,每個 tote bag $100。
    Open to public at$100 per tote.

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